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Darktrace Antigena: The Future of AI-Powered Autonomous Response

This white paper will explore the critical challenges that security teams face in this new era of cyber-threat, and how Darktrace Antigena is leveraging AI to autonomously fight back against advanced attacks, giving human responders the critical time needed to catch up.

White Paper | Presented by IBM

Driving growth and innovation with a trusted support resource

A more innovative approach to technology support.

White Paper | Presented by IBM

Enterprise Applications and Cloud Managed Services: 269 CIOs Share their Views

If you’re like most IT leaders, you might find yourself in the middle of a digital transformation as you seek to use cloud for workloads like development, testing or application deployments.

White Paper | Presented by IBM

Forbes: Perception Gaps in Cyber Resilience: Where Are Your Blind Spots?

The hidden risks of shadow IT, cloud and cyber insurance

White Paper | Presented by IBM

Frost & Sullivan North American Managed ERP Services Product Line Strategy Leadership Award - IBM

As businesses prepare their companies to thrive in the digital era, IT executives are transforming their own organizations and resources. To optimize application delivery and support business goals for speed, agility, and innovation, they are deploying new applications in a private or public cloud environment.

Miscellaneous | Presented by IBM

IBM Cyber Incident Recovery demo

Demonstrates how Cyber Incident Recovery helps protect applications and data against cyberattacks and rapidly recover from cyber incidents

White Paper | Presented by IBM

IBM named a leader in Ventana Research’s Analytics and Business Intelligence Value Index

Ventana Research provides unique insight into the analytics and business intelligence (BI) industry. The is important, as its processes and technology play an instrumental role in enabling an organization's business units and IT to utilize its data in both tactical and strategic ways to perform optimally.

White Paper | Presented by IBM

IDC: Accelerate business transformation and agility across multicloud deployments

Enterprises find themselves increasingly faced with much more complex challenges to stay competitive. Part of this complexity is the need to move at a faster pace in keeping with changes in customer needs, regulations, the competitive landscape, technology shifts and, as always, the perennial challenge of budgetary constraints.

Miscellaneous | Presented by IBM

Innovate, differentiate and grow your business with multicloud

Start enabling the Cloud Operating Model for Digital Enterprise to succeed.

Miscellaneous | Presented by IBM

Leverage the Analytics Cycle for Smarter Healthcare

Healthcare is rapidly evolving from volume-based care to value-based care. Analytics is at the forefront of this transformation. Learn how IBM is helping healthcare organizations manage costs, innovate and improve patient outcomes by delivering a single analytics platform with AI capabilities for the healthcare care ecosystem (payers, providers and producers).

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