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AI-Augmented Attacks and the Battle of the Algorithms

This report documents an end-to-end attack lifecycle, and how each stage could leverage elements of the AI 'toolkit' to improve and streamline the process.

White Paper | Presented by Tanium Inc

An IC Defender's Guide to Winning the Cyber Warfare

Download this white paper by Chris Wilder, senior analyst for security at Moor Insights & Strategy, as he shares his expertise around the DoD and intelligence community’s approach to cyber security as well as best practices to eliminate silos between IT ops and security teams.

Video/Webcast | Presented by IBM

COVID-19 and the Future of Operations

Cloud computing offers healthcare business professionals the potential to redefine customer relationships, transform operations, improve governance, and expand business agility. Join us as experts from IDC and IBM discuss the current and future issues facing healthcare CIOs and IT leaders—and how cloud can help solve those issues.

Cyber AI for SaaS Security: Protecting Your Dynamic Workforce

To protect today's dynamic workforce, security teams must be equipped to discern when and how a trusted account has been leveraged for nefarious purposes.

Lead Gen | Presented by Darktrace Limited

Email Security Threat Report 2020

Spear phishing, impersonation attacks, and account takeovers, in particular, remain fruitful ways that cyber-criminals can infiltrate an organization.

White Paper | Presented by Tanium Inc

ESG Analyst Paper: Closing the IT Resilience and Agility Gaps

Download this white paper by Dave Gruber, Senior Analyst with research firm ESG to learn more about how Tanium’s unified endpoint management and security platform helps align teams, reduce IT complexity and improve overall efficiencies by closing the IT gaps.

White Paper | Presented by Tanium Inc

Exploiting the Distributed Workforce Economy - A Hacker's Perspective

Download this white paper by former hacker Alissa Knight with Knight Ink where she offers her unique perspective on the broad attack surface created by the hastily distributed workforce and how proper IT hygiene and collaboration between IT ops and security teams could have prevented many aspects of the current nightmare.

White Paper | Presented by Tanium Inc

Forrester Consulting: Overcoming Strained IT Relationships to Survive

The 2019 Tanium-commissioned Forrester Consulting study “Strained Relationships Between Security And IT Ops Teams Leave Businesses At Risk” already revealed existing friction between IT operations and security teams and their misplaced confidence in business data. The current environments are further exacerbating that friction, and closing the IT visibility, accountability and resilience gaps is key to survival. Download this Forrester white paper to learn more.

Lead Gen | Presented by CenturyLink

Gartner, How Technology Providers Can Build Trust Through Offers to Address Severe Market Disruptions Such as COVID-19

Altruistic actions during a crisis like COVID-19 can help build trust between vendors and buyers.

Lead Gen | Presented by CenturyLink

Gartner, Mitigate Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Impacts With Digital Commerce

Application leaders can mitigate the impact and ensure continuity of operations by accelerating digital commerce initiatives.

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