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Windows 10 cheat sheet: Handy gestures and shortcuts

Learn these useful touchpad gestures, keyboard shortcuts and touchscreen gestures for getting around Windows 10.

Windows 10 Start menu on desktop

This download accompanies our story Windows 10 cheat sheet. See that article for detailed information about the interface and features in Microsoft's latest operating system.

Whether you’re an old Windows 10 hand or just starting out with Microsoft’s latest operating system, it’s helpful to get to know some shortcuts for navigating the interface and performing common actions. Many familiar shortcuts from earlier versions of Windows still work in Windows 10 (Ctrl-C, anyone?), and there are several genuinely useful new ones as well.

In this PDF we’ve collected the best Windows 10 touchpad gestures and keyboard shortcuts for laptop and desktop PC users. For example, tapping your touchpad with four fingers will open the Action Center, as will pressing the Windows key and A simultaneously on your keyboard — either way, it’ll save you time over finding the Action Center icon on the taskbar and clicking it.

We’ve also rounded up key gestures for people who use tablets or other devices with touchscreens. To stick with our Action Center example, you can open it by swiping in from the right edge of the screen to the center.

Print out this PDF and keep it nearby, and soon you’ll be zooming around Windows 10 like a pro.

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