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How analytics and the Internet of Things raise the stakes for IT

This in-depth story examines the impact of IoT-generated big data and analytics on organizations and illustrates some of the major business implications of IoT data.

Crash Course Internet of Things

The Internet of Things will challenge the ability of enterprises to use analytics. This in-depth story examines some of the major implications of IoT data, its use in business and the challenges ahead for IT departments. We look at how some organizations are using IoT technologies to shift business relationships, develop new types of services and create deeper customer engagements.

In this guide, you'll also learn about the technical and cost challenges of managing and analyzing large amounts of data and what it takes to turn IoT data into actionable intelligence. We'll explore the emerging business models designed to address these challenges.

Big data and analytics will bring many changes to IT departments. Businesses will need systems and tools that make analytics visible, accessible and understandable to a broader, multidisciplinary audience. We'll look at how IT can master these challenges.

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