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Strategic guide: Big data challenges and opportunities

Big Data is all the rage, with companies of all stripes hustling to install tools and gain new business insights. Many are finding great success in the endeavor, but not without encountering a few stumbling blocks.

Digital Spotlight: Big Data Challenges and Opportunities

Chief among the challenges facing big data implementers are storage and backup. Often, the data used in big data analytics is fleeting in nature, useful for only a short period of time. That leaves companies wondering whether they need to store it at all. The industry has yet to settle on an approach but, as one of the stories in this guide details, users are coming up with a few options on their own.

Storage and backup aren’t the only challenges. As we report in another story, others include the immaturity of the big data tool set, a lack of people with the expertise necessary to deal with the technology, misaligned investments and inadequate hardware.

But for those who get it right, big data can pay big dividends. Inside, you’ll learn about healthcare providers, marketers and customer service groups that are getting great results. Download the PDF for some sound advice.

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