Chrome OS brings you Demo Day

See Chrome OS in action
Learn how Chrome OS is addressing the challenges of today and get an overview of the new suite of features with John Maletis, Head of Chrome OS Product, Engineering & UX.

Get ready for the cloud
Discover how the Chrome OS Readiness Tool can help you identify who's ready to switch and then find them the right device for the job with Sampada Telang, Head of Chrome OS Ecosystem Health.

Deploy devices quicker and identify optimized apps
Catch Chrome OS deployment in action including drop shipping with zero-touch enrollment, learn about Chrome Enterprise Recommended apps, and see how to deploy them with Jason Wong, Chrome OS Product Manager.

End to end demo: Keeping your employees productive
Learn about running Windows apps on Chrome OS with Parallels Desktop, experience our newest productivity features, and see Slack and Zoom in action in an end to end demo going through an employee's workflow with Puneet Kumar, Senior Director of Platform Engineering on Chrome OS and Elle Zadina, Chrome OS Product Manager.