The State of Observability 2021

Global research reveals IT leaders’ early investments in observability improve performance, customer experiences – and the bottom line.

Application & IT environments are rapidly evolving, modernizing, and becoming more complex – making it much more difficult to continue understanding their performance, availability, and plans for future growth. Organizations have to ensure their monitoring and observability platforms are powerful enough to accelerate their cloud transitions and development velocity.

Join industry experts from Splunk and ESG as they discuss what benefits global organizations that have adopted observability are experiencing in areas such as application performance, deployment velocity, and application development.

In this interactive session, we’ll present some results from this research and then start a discussion around:

  • What is observability and what outcomes you’ll see from adopting observability practices
  • The four characteristics of a mature observability practice
  • Common pain points in the adoption of observability
  • What to look for in an observability solution and how to justify your requests