Zero Trust Through a Business Lens

Let’s face it: The cybersecurity industry has not served its clients well.

Despite spending millions of dollars on security solutions, organizations are still left with enormous gaps – in protection against breaches and their understanding of cyber risks. For the past three decades, security solutions have had only one purpose – to keep the attackers out. These “perimeter” security solutions assumed that attackers are outside and, more importantly, everyone and everything inside the perimeter can be fully trusted. This model was useful for a centralized IT infrastructure. However, in today’s IT environment, the organizational boundary is blurred. Cloud services, personal devices, and a remote workforce drastically lower the effectiveness of traditional trust-based security approaches.

As a result, organizations find themselves vulnerable to external as well as internal threats. Perimeter defenses are ineffective in preventing a breach and limiting its spread. Faced with sophisticated and persistent attackers, businesses find it challenging to ensure business continuity and maintain data integrity.