Debunking Best-of-Breed: Why the Single-Software Strategy is the Only Way to Transform Procurement

To get procurement working effectively, you need to find ways to overcome previously systemic problems by identifying the gaps, then bridging them. How can the best-of-breed model — a divergent set of different software tools — possibly bridge those gaps, when the disconnections between software tools imposed on the organization are some of the key reasons the gaps exist in the first place?

We believe the best-of-breed approach makes things unnecessarily complicated. Instead, the approach to procurement technology should be holistic, and the impact a software choice has on productivity should be judged as far more important than a feature-and function checklist.

Today, procurement has a number of strategic goals. Here we examine seven of the most critical to see how the right strategy can keep an organization on track toward those goals — and how the wrong tactics can derail the whole process.