CCPA vs GDPR: Five Things to Do Now to Prepare for the Toughest US Privacy Law

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The impact the GDPR has made in the data privacy world cannot be overstated. Since it came into effect May 2018, many countries and regions have followed suit to reform their existing or introduce new privacy laws. Currently the US does not have federal level privacy legislation however the recently introduced CCPA represents the most stringent data protection regulation in the country and one that will impact organizations globally.

As the CCPA compliance deadline of January 2020 approaches, attend this session to:

  • Understand the lessons learned since the GDPR came into effect just over a year ago
  • Learn how the GDPR and CCPA are similar but also the important ways in which they differ
  • Be armed with 5 actions you can take today to help your organization prepare for the CCPA and other data privacy laws