How to Identify the Right CMS for Your Digital Experience Needs

how to identify

Delivering an engaging, connected experience via the web, mobile apps, social media and other digital channels is critical to your organization's ability to win and retain customers. This is no easy task — and it’s only going to become more complex with advancements in personalization and predictive analytics, as well as emerging technologies such as IoT, voice and augmented reality.

To remain competitive in the digital space, you need a modern platform. As recent International Data Corporation (IDC) research shows, organizations are heavily investing in digital experience software solutions, especially content management systems, which are the heart of a modern digital experience platform.

Join CMSWire and Brightspot CMS for a live, hour-long webinar on the strengths and weaknesses of various CMS platforms, trends and key criteria to consider.

This on-demand webinar covers:

  • The current state of the CMS market: user needs and strategies
  • Segmenting the CMS landscape: 5 solution categories
  • Determining which solution is the best fit for your organization