The IT Manager’s Guide to DevOps


The promise of delivering better software faster is why so many companies have moved to DevOps. But DevOps isn’t just a “technical thing” that magically leads to success. It takes people, processes, and tools from across the organization seamlessly working together.

Whether you’re brand new to DevOps or looking to scale, this ebook helps you create a high-performing organization that drives business value up and time to market down.

Download it now to take a closer look at:

  • The business benefits of DevOps and CD, and the cultural, technical, and process considerations involved in achieving them
  • The stages of CD and how a DevOps platform supports them
  • Designing a CD pipeline
  • Doing Continuous Deployment with containers
  • The essential role of DevSecOps in creating high-quality software
  • Measuring the impact of the development process
  • Scaling a DevOps transformation