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Computerworld - Best of Shark Tank, Winter 2018

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Word to the Wise

IT pilot fish gets an email from a person who’s a member of a club they both belong to — and while it’s not work-related, it was clearly sent from work.

“The email had been written as a Word document and, since I wasn’t using a Windows-based computer, I opened it as a text document,” says fish.

“This allowed me to see not only the note intended for me, but also the document history for all the other recent documents opened in Word by that user that day.

“The person who sent me the email was an attorney. Talk about unintentionally breaching client confidentiality!

“I contacted her privately and discreetly, and handed her a printout showing some of the things contained in that document history.

“And in the next email I received from her, the history section made it clear that she was now exiting Word after every document and restarting it before switching to a different document.”

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