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Automation, AI, and Analytics: Reinventing ITSM

Leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) conducted global research with 400 executives and ITSM shareholders to provide actionable understanding of the appetite, adoption, maturity, and near-term plans for these technologies and their transformational impact on ITSM.

Video/Webcast | Presented by AWS & SUSE

Accelerate And Modernize Container Application Delivery With SUSE

SUSE Cloud Application Platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a lean and fast platform to accelerate containerized application delivery. By leveraging a managed Kubernetes environment, SUSE makes it easier for DevOps teams to deliver applications, accelerate innovation, and improve IT responsiveness.

AIOps, IT Analytics, and Business Performance: What’s Needed and What Works

Leveraging extensive EMA research and consulting, this webinar will explore what AIOps can and should be, and how next-generation management platforms are evolving to promote far more effective business outcomes across an ever-changing IT landscape.

Video/Webcast | Presented by AWS & Pulumi

Create Modern, Cloud-Native Applications By Unifying Your DevOps Teams

Join the upcoming webinar with Learning Machine, Pulumi, and AWS to learn how to unify your developers and DevOps teams and leverage the power of general-purpose programming languages to create modern, cloud-native applications

eBook | Presented by Citrix & Cisco

Discover the Pathway to a Modern Digital Platform

To succeed in today’s digital world, you need access to data 24/7.

eBook | Presented by Citrix Ready

Discover the Pathway to a Modern Digital Platform

To succeed in today’s digital world, you need access to data 24/7.

Empower Your Developers And Drive Productivity By Leveraging Kubernetes

Watch our on-demand webinar with Zendesk, Datadog, and AWS to learn how Zendesk leveraged Kubernetes on AWS to empower developers to innovate faster and expand functionality for its customers.

Video/Webcast | Presented by AWS & Tigera

Network Security And Compliance For Kubernetes On AWS With Atlassian And Tigera

Register for our webinar to learn how Atlassian leveraged Tigera to successfully defend, detect, and mitigate attacks on their Kubernetes environment on AWS by deploying a defense in depth posture with zero trust network security.

White Paper | Presented by Micro Focus

Software Test Automation Tools: Buyer’s Guide

Explore the current state of automation tools, why testing is late to the game, and learn how to create a testing practice that can deliver quality at speed.

5 Steps to a Successful Cloud Journey

This guide offers a brief roadmap to help increase the odds for success in achieving the promise of cloud.

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