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White Paper | Presented by ReliaQuest

Continuous Attack Simulations: How to Identify Risk, Close Gaps, and Validate Your Security Controls

How confident are today’s security teams in their readiness to respond to threats?

White Paper | Presented by ReliaQuest

Research Report: Tackling the Visibility Gap in Information Security

Is your security team blind to the activities in more than half of its IT assets?

White Paper | Presented by ReliaQuest

Security Automation Fundamentals: Six Steps to Adopting Automation for Faster Detection and Response

Can automation solve security’s “tool fatigue” challenge?

Lead Gen | Presented by ReliaQuest

Survey Report: ReliaQuest Security Technology Sprawl Report

How the Rapid Growth of Security Tools is Impacting the Overall Risk Level, Effectiveness and ROI of Enterprise Cybersecurity.

White Paper | Presented by Intertrust

Security Report on U.S. Financial Mobile Apps 2020

To put financial application security to the test, Intertrust commissioned an audit of the top U.S. financial mobile applications to determine their collective security posture.

White Paper | Presented by ReliaQuest

The CISO’s Guide to Metrics that Matter in 2020: How to Apply Metrics to Strengthen Security Programs and Articulate Value to Leadership

How can security metrics be applied to both strengthen your security program and communicate the value of this program to leadership?

Learn from Your Security Peers: Best Practices for Avoiding a Data Breach

Join Bob Bragdon, VP and Publisher of CSO, and Ravi Srinivasan of Forcepoint, as we explore how these companies stayed safe, what technologies they are using, and what IT decision makers can learn from their experiences.

eBook | Presented by Oracle Corporation

43+ Touchpoints in Finance and HR

There are an infinite number of connections between the finance and HR functions. Think about it: every time an employee bills hours to a client, travels for work, is assigned a new mobile plan or buys a new laptop, the transactions must be logged in both your HR and finance systems.

Aberdeen Report: Unite Finance & HR to Boost Productivity and Profitability

The pace of business continues to accelerate, putting tremendous pressure on companies to respond faster to customer and market demands with tailored support and business intelligence.

White Paper | Presented by Chronicle

Abusing Code Signing for Profit

Signing a Windows executable file was originally conceived as a mechanism to guarantee the authenticity and integrity of a file published on the internet. Since its inception, the process of cryptographically signing a piece of code was designed to give the operating system a way to discriminate between legitimate and potentially malicious software. Unfortunately, this system is built on a problematic core tenet: Trust.

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