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Choosing the Optimal Cloud Service for VMware Estates

Cloud Infrastructure is a Beneficial Addition to VMware Environments

CTO Advisor: Comparison of VMware Cloud Options

This report focuses on hands-on operational testing of a real-world issue for many organizations: to expand their environments into the cloud with as little transformation of methodology as possible.

Oracle Cloud: The Ideal Enterprise Platform for VMware

Learn how Oracle Cloud VMware Solution can reduce cost and modernize your VMware infrastructure with security, speed and scale

Industry 4.0 – Tech Trends Driving Innovation in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is in the midst of an Industry 4.0 revolution. Join this fascinating discussion on how technologies like AI, 5G, 3D printing, edge to cloud computing, and autonomous vehicles will profoundly alter manufacturing for the next 20-30 years.

ADB for Dummies

Discover the business value of autonomous

Automating the Modern Data Warehouse

Inside this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn what’s different about a data warehouse in the cloud, assessing both the benefits and the challenges of migrating to the cloud.

HBR: The 2025 Imperative: Intelligent Automation Now

Why Delaying Technology Implementation to Improve Business Processes Could Disadvantage Organizations

eBook | Presented by Oracle Corporation

MDW Solution E-Book

Businesses are demanding that IT empower them with the ability to access, process, and analyze data at increasingly faster rates. That’s why Oracle, powered by Intel® Xeon processors created the modern data warehouse...

IDC Analyst Brief: The Security and Compliance Benefits of IaaS for Financial Services

As financial services organizations look to shift more workloads to public cloud, meeting security and compliance requirements is a key concern.

IDC Analyst Connection: Demystifying Cloud Compliance for Financial Institutions

There are many advantages to migrating to the cloud. When selecting a cloud service provider, financial institutions must take into account security capabilities, service-level agreements, and compliance requirements.

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