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Technology to keep an eye on

As technologies continue to emerge and disrupt business practices like never before, the wise business leader would do well to familiarize themselves with the next areas of disruption.

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11 ways healthcare can benefit from robotic process automation technology

Due to enormous financial pressures, combined with labor shortages, and labor-intensive processes requiring a specifically trained workforce, countries worldwide are struggling to cope with the current healthcare crisis.

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Content Services: Fueling the RPA Engine

Before IA tools like robotic process automation (RPA) can be put into action, they need access to clean, easily understood and structured information.

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Enhancing Your RPA Implementation with Intelligent Information

Despite all of explosive growth in the RPA space, what is keeping organizations from taking their RPA capabilities to the next level?

Finding the perfect entry point for RPA

This checklist will help you determine the right processes and tasks to target within your organization, so when the time comes to choose your RPA solution, you will know where to start.

Growth with Content Management and Process Automation

When combined, process automation and content management platforms have the power to optimize digital transformation efforts, create growth and strengthen customer relationships.

Leveraging enterprise content to transform business

Learn how a content services platform helps to unify traditional siloed and disparate systems into a seamless, secure and highly searchable work environment that enhances collaboration, reduces costs and optimizes workflows.

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Quick Study: A Well-Defined Digital Transformation

This study guide will give you a quick look at the terms, stats and tools to get you up to speed on the next generation of business technology.

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The future of digital transformation

To get a good grasp on how to approach your organization’s digital transformation, you need to understand emerging technologies. In this ebook, you’ll get a look at four technology trends that will drive business in the years to come.

Thriving in the new normal

In this report from analyst Independent Thought Limited, you will see how emerging, collaborative technologies – like cloud-based applications and blockchain – are helping organizations survive, thrive, and create competitive differentiators in a digitally different world.

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