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Accelerated Data Centers with NVIDIA and VMware

NVIDIA and VMware are partnering to accelerate the modern data center

Double Click Full Video – Life Sciences

Hear from users at the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) who explain how Foundry is accelerating clinical research by breaking down scientific and operational barriers to speed work on COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. Foundry is also used across the healthcare and life sciences value chain, from drug discovery and development, through to manufacturing, marketing, and sales.

Double Click Industrials – Part 2 Supply Chain

Learn how organizations are using Foundry today to build a smarter supply chain.

Modernize Your Intelligent Enterprise Core with SAP, Cognizant & Google Cloud

The combined experience and value proposition of Google Cloud and Cognizant will help propel you and your business to the stratosphere. 

Accelerate Remote Selling with DocuSign for Salesforce

Learn how our growing set of solutions purpose-built for Salesforce can empower B2B sales teams to accelerate revenue, deliver better customer experiences and free up time for selling without ever leaving Salesforce.

Pivot Your Sales Strategies to Maximize Productivity

Join us to learn actionable insights from SMB leaders at DocuSign and Salesforce and hear how these digital solutions are helping SMBs better manage the situation now and prepare for the future.

Remoting 101: How to Remote Your Mac

Now that a high-performance remoting solution for Mac is here, your creative and executive teams can access their Mac from anywhere. Just think about all the ways this could help optimize and secure your organization’s workflows.  

Preventing Data Breaches Through Secure IT Asset Disposition

A mature IT asset disposition program is critical in order to reduce the possibility of a data breach.

Infrastructure for Digital Transformation

In this webcast you will learn how to build the IT infrastructure that will enable digital transformation in multiple ways.

Video/Webcast | Presented by OpenText

Catching and responding to cyber threats in minutes, not days with MDR

Every 11 seconds a business falls prey to a ransomware attack. What’s more, attackers are becoming more sophisticated, often staying hidden within an organization’s environment for months (or even years).

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