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How Does Zero Trust Strengthen Mainframe Security?

Mainframes handle 70% of the world’s customer transaction workloads. Ninety-two of the top 100 global banks use the mainframe to provide banking services to their customers.

Infographic: Long Live Tape — And Other Data Protection Trends for a New Threatscape

With the recent rise in cyberattacks and the increasing sophistication of these attacks, having protections in place to secure company data is essential.

Single Communications Provider to Optimize Productivity

Work from home isn't going anywhere and hybrid work models between home and office are here to stay. Using a single provider to help with collaboration and remote work needs is essential.

4 key steps to design actionable operational resilience plans

Resilience from the pandemic and recovery from changing shutdown phases around the world are focus areas for organizations as we all work through the Covid-19 economy.

Infographic: Cisco Plus: Simplified IT, your way.

In this infographic, learn how Cisco Plus provides all the benefits of Cisco as a service. 

Infographic: Rethink Hybrid Cloud

This infographic outlines how Cisco® Plus Hybrid Cloud delivers cross-portfolio technologies to create flexible consumption on-premises so you can optimize workloads across a hybrid cloud with superior performance and stronger value.

Ready to Adapt to the New Way of Work?

Work has changed—with many good outcomes. But to ensure everyone gets the most benefit from the hybrid work model, IT needs to retune priorities.

Extinguishing Tech Debt From Your Environment

Read this infographic to learn key statistics about technical debt, some of the consequences of accumulating too much of it, and best practices for stamping it out.

Four Best Practices to Accelerate Your Secure Network Transformation

As organizations move to a software-defined architecture, they must avoid certain pitfalls, and carefully evaluate their secure network transformation partners.

Infographic: Pave Your Path to Successful DevOps

In this infographic, learn how to analyze your current IT environment and create a developer-centered approach, and understand what this can do for your organization.  

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