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Build a Data-Driven Enterprise Through Strategy, Culture and DataOps

This report outlines how data can be used strategically and why a “stairway to value” approach is the most effective approach to becoming a data-driven enterprise capable of monetizing its data.

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Build & Grow with Citrix Ready

Citrix ready is a technology partner program that showcases verified products trusted to enhance Citrix solutions. Check out more here.

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Download our new tech brief, Discovering Your Total Cloud Footprint, to understand how to reduce your attack surface by integrating a continuous, outside-in perspective of all of your cloud assets, including those living in unmanaged accounts across all cloud providers.

Intelligent RPA: Preparing the Oil & Gas Industry for the Digital Future

Oil & Gas companies are gearing up to digitally transform themselves with new age complementary technologies such as RPA, AI, IIoT and are expected to undergo a sea change in the near future. We conducted a detailed survey recently to ask industry leaders how they use different digital levers like RPA, AI, ML etc. to drive automation initiatives within their organization.

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Q1 2019 Quarterly Threat Report

Read the Q1 2019 Quarterly Threat Report to learn what targeted businesses in January, February and March 2019 and to find out what strategies you can implement to protect your organization.

Catchpoint 2019 SRE Report

The 2019 report analyzed responses from 188 SREs globally across a range of industries and company sizes. This report provides a unique view of trends and issues facing site reliability engineers and the organizations that employ them.

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Using IBM Cloud Object Storage with Komprise Data Management to Curb NAS expansion

Data is growing fast—nearly 90 percent of the world’s data was created in the last two years, and enterprise data is doubling every two years. The challenge is how to retain all this data within flat budgets. Businesses need to do more with less and are looking to affordable scale-out storage options such as cloud and object storage.

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Cloud Migration Buyer's Guide

When undertaking a cloud migration initiative, your organization needs to keep key factors in mind in order to leverage existing on-premises investments and realize the agility, flexibility, and cost efficiencies moving to the cloud offers. This paper’s goal is to help you understand the key factors you need to consider while undertaking a cloud migration initiative−from building a business case upfront, to developing a migration plan and running the environment post-migration.

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Cloud Migrations with VMware CloudTM on AWS Solution Brief

This solution brief talks about cloud migration challenges, how VMware Cloud on AWS resolves those challenges and key capabilities of VMware Cloud on AWS specific to the cloud migration use case.

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Data Center Modernization for Dummies

How can a software-defined data center help your company gain a bigger competitive advantage? To help your business stay competitive, your IT organization needs a modern data center that can provide the agility, security, and scalability required to drive innovation and growth in the digital era. Get suggestions and tips for modernizing your data center in this For Dummies guide.

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