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Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) expands

MISA formed two years ago to help organizations better combat security threats. Microsoft is expanding the MISA ecosystem by adding MSSPs like Insight.

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JLL Uses Smartsheet to Bridge Corporate Systems and Build Stronger Client Relationships

With Smartsheet, JLL can manage projects from pipeline development to renovation and close of construction, sharing real-time updates with key stakeholders at both JLL and the client company.

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NGO’s New Process Is a Game Changer for Global Health

The Task Force for Global Health, a non-governmental organization that works to control, eliminate, and eradicate debilitating diseases, used Smartsheet to manage the tracking and reporting on nearly 200 projects.

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Multi-Cluster Management: Reduce Overhead and Redundant Efforts

As organizations are building an expanse of new Kubernetes clusters to support their project efforts, various teams are using clusters with very little consistency, unified management, and visibility to empower divisions of labor across roles in the organization.

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Microsoft Surface Hub Group Collaboration FAQ

Read AVI-SPL’s top three Microsoft Surface Hub 2S Group Collaboration FAQs.

Why It’s Still a Good Time to Identify and Manage Data Risk and Insider Threats

To keep business moving forward during COVID-19, organizations adopted and reactively deployed new cloud platforms and tools.

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Endpoint Hardening Cheatsheet: Choosing a Vendor

Use this cheat sheet to choose your next patch management solution and make sure you don't experience any unwelcome surprises.

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Everything you need to KNOW about cyber threats - in minutes and for free

KNOW, free threat intelligence makes it easy to dig deep into breaking news, evolving trends, and the threats and IOCs that matter to you.

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Switch to T-Mobile for Business and get 4 lines of unlimited for $25/line. 5G access included

Right now, get 4 lines of unlimited for $25/line with AutoPay, plus taxes & fees on America’s largest 5G network.

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Switch to T-Mobile for Business and get the Samsung Galaxy A11 on us

Elevate your business and your team with a Samsung Galaxy A11 on us via 24 monthly bill credits when you add a line. All on T-Mobile’s network that covers 99% of Americans.

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