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eBook | Presented by Lenovo

Clearing the Air: How to Bridge the Gap Between Cloud Expectations & Reality

Rapid innovation. Seamless performance. Organizational harmony. The cloud comes loaded with lofty expectations. And while many are based in fact, the truth is, the right cloud for you might not make it rain ROI right away.

Modern Storage Consideration for the Cloud Era

Consider these tips for creating a modern, agile, and responsive data management strategy for your organization. 

eBook | Presented by Cisco Systems, Inc.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) for Dummies

Today’s IT teams face a common challenge: how to securely enable the growing universe of roaming users, devices, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps without adding complexity or reducing end-user performance – all while leveraging their existing security investments.

eBook | Presented by Lenovo

The Path to a Successful Cloud Strategy

The IT industry is currently in the largest, most challenging, most disruptive, and most important transition ever. Today, IT departments everywhere are being tasked with moving away from the traditional cost center model and transforming into revenue-generating innovation centers. Many see transformation as a necessity for survival, but simply surviving will never been enough. There’s a bigger opportunity here – by transforming IT, you can transform your business.

eBook | Presented by SoftChoice

A guide to the future of work.

IT investments are becoming more strategic and  the role of IT is key in the success of the future of work in every company.

Traditional Storage, On-Demand Storage … or Both?

Agilely meet business and application demands and get powerful insights by integrating FlexPod traditional and NetApp HCI on-demand storage into a single, easily managed enterprise-wide data fabric. Use cases for private cloud, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and workload consolidation.

eBook | Presented by 8x8

Amazon Web Services and 8x8 Operate Together From Anywhere

If you know you need to do something to transform your communications, but aren’t sure what, you are having your “so now what?” moment.

eBook | Presented by 8x8

Build Your Experience: Accelerate Customer Connections

It’s time to reimagine how you connect with customers and embrace a digitalfirst world.

eBook | Presented by Cohesity

Conversational AWS Data Protection: A Conversational Geek Book

Learn data is protected, and what’s not, through AWS built-in capabilities.

eBook | Presented by 8x8

Operate From Anywhere: The Next Evolution of Remote Work

This essential guide will provide you with valuable insights to accelerate your organization’s shift to Operate From Anywhere.

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