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eBook | Presented by SAP

SAP Innovation Awards 2019 eBook

SAP Innovation Awards celebrate the achievements of top companies and people across the globe that use SAP products to transform their businesses, drive innovation, and win in the digital economy.

eBook | Presented by Rootstock

10 Mistakes to Avoid with Cloud ERP

Since cloud ERP has the potential to improve so many aspects of your business, it requires a lot of upfront thought and communication to ensure a smooth rollout.

eBook | Presented by Lastline Inc

A Day in the Life of a SOC Analyst

SOC analysts like James are wondering how we got to the state of overzealous alerting? Is the detection-based approach the root cause?

eBook | Presented by Rootstock

Cloud ERP for Dummies - Rootstock Manufacturing Edition

“Cloud ERP for Dummies – Rootstock Manufacturing Edition” is a quick read that will educate you on everything ERP.

eBook | Presented by Rootstock

The Cloud ERP Evaluation Guide for Manufacturers

Today's manufacturers deserve ERP solutions that deliver long-term value, facilitate new business strategies, and create competitive advantage.

eBook | Presented by Panda Security

Patch Management: Your Biggest Ally In The War Against Cybercrime

his eBook will walk you through the dangers of vulnerabilities, including the new BlueKeep vulnerability, and ways you can keep your organization safe.

eBook | Presented by Sage Software, Inc.

The Future of the Manufacturing CFO: How disruption is changing responsibility

Finance is fundamentally changing. The speed of business and increasing volume of data means Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are running short of time—time they could spend keeping an eye on what their competitors are doing as well as time waiting for change to be implemented.

eBook | Presented by IBM

The Smart Way to Manage Support for your Open Source Software

Discover the smart way to manage the increasing complexity of your open source software ecosystem.

Can You Detect and Prioritize Threats in Real Time? 5 Questions to ask before upgrading to a SIEM Solution

Protecting an organization against cyber-attacks is no small task. Information technology (IT) security teams have to protect their organizations from these attacks while also addressing internal and regulatory compliance requirements.

Built for the Speed of Business: A Guide to Object Storage

Companies everywhere are facing massive data growth that shows no signs of slowing down. With the scope and complexity of data growing at an accelerated rate and 80% of this new data being unstructured, finding a way to store, manage, and distribute isolated pools of data is a challenge for most organizations.

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