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HMG Silicon Valley Summit : Adobe’s Alex Gay on Leadership And Innovation

This interview discusses how Adobe is helping its customers drive innovation and grow their business by streamlining content workflows that improves both the customer and employee experience.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Lumen

Technology and Bridging the Gap Between Home and Office

In this video webcast, experts from Lumen Technologies and Zoom discuss what the future holds.

Analyst Report | Presented by Templafy

Templafy’s 2021 Business Enablement Report: How this new enterprise tech stack will power the future of work

The future of work is developing before our eyes and businesses need a technology stack that can support it.

Healthcare Tech Boosts Patient Well-Being

Discover how PRA Health Sciences is helping the healthcare industry evolve through their remote healthcare solution, Care Innovations Health Harmony.

Use Case: Transforming Healthcare in Amazon Rainforest

Discover how Brazilian health officials partnered with Diagnext to deploy a Telemedicine Solution for Hostile Environments, resulting in faster times to diagnosis and lower costs.

What’s Next for Signage Systems Integrators?

What does the market look like going forward? And how can systems integrators pivot to new markets quickly and on a budget? Find out how Seneca addresses these questions and more through its SI-friendly signage solutions.

Analyst Report | Presented by Splunk

The CIO's Guide to Aligning IT Strategy with the Business

IT strategies in the digital era are undergoing a transformation to become an integral part of enterprise digital business strategy.

White Paper | Presented by Acumatica

Better Together: SaaS Digital Commerce Platforms and ERP Help Organizations Grow Past Legacy Limitations

In this digital-first environment, where delivering an excellent and frictionless commerce experience is a prerequisite to success, leading organizations are looking at closely integrated software-as-a-service (SaaS) enterprise resource planning (ERP) and digital commerce platforms for their businesses to be successful and resilient.

White Paper | Presented by Splunk

Making Sense of Digital Experience Monitoring Solutions

Break down the differences between synthetic monitoring, real user monitoring and web performance optimization — each solution helps drive web performance.

White Paper | Presented by Splunk

Splunk Predictions 2021: Executive Report

Our experts weigh in: What will define leadership in the Data Age?

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