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Video/Webcast | Presented by Zscaler

The CIO Mission: Transform to the Cloud

A fireside chat with Zscaler’s CIO, Patrick Foxhoven on the challenges of securing a mobile workforce and how enterprises need to start rethinking how users should access applications.

eGuide | Presented by Zscaler

The Definitive Guide to Secure Remote Access

Transformation has created a need for a better approach to remote access that will improve user experience and decrease MPLS costs. It’s called Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). See how you can get started with ZTNA.

White Paper | Presented by Zscaler

Why IT Leaders should Consider a Zero Trust Network Access Strategy

Your role as an IT leader has evolved, and so too have the technologies that drive business decisions. See why enterprises are moving away from the traditional DMZ network security method and are adopting new technology such as ZTNA to drive business success.

FlexPod SF with SolidFire Storage

The digital age is bringing to life a blossoming of our collective connectedness that is fundamentally reshaping everything we do and creating innumerable opportunities. Markets and customer purchasing behaviors are constantly changing in today’s digital economy. Services and products are becoming available online, anytime, anywhere, and from any type of device.

White Paper | Presented by Avaya Inc.

Breakthrough 9-1-1 Technology for Saving Lives

For the first time ever, real-time multimedia and location information can be delivered directly to public safety answering points and first responders.

Make UCaaS the strongest multi-tasker on your team

Learn how cloud collaboration empowers your business in more ways than the obvious

eBook | Presented by D2iQ

3 Steps to De-Risk Your Day 2 Operations For a Smarter Business Strategy

In this ebook we examine why and how to strip the risk from Day 2 operations. For one, it has a tremendous upside for the organization. Because not only does it have tremendous upside for your organization, but it reflects extremely favorably on you as the architect!

eGuide | Presented by Electric

IT Strategy Owner's Manual: Developing a Winning IT Support and Management Strategy

Like a finely tuned pit crew, IT is crucial to keeping businesses up and running—and to helping key projects get across the finish line.

eBook | Presented by Keap

Marketing Automation for Small Business

Is your Lead Generation from THIS Generation?

eBook | Presented by Keap

Small Business Marketing Automation & You: 19 Lead Magnets for Attracting New Clients

Owning and running a small business is both one of the most difficult and most rewarding things you’ll ever do. From 9-to-5—or more likely 24/7, you’re on the clock, running your shop, delighting current customers while on the lookout for new ones. But are small business owners always the best at marketing their small business?

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