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SD-WAN and Virtual Networking: Business Drivers and Recommended Approaches Brought to you by GTT

By 2020, 80% of enterprises will have SD-WAN and virtual networks, according to IDC.

GPU Database Acceleration on PowerEdge R940xa

This whitepaper looks at the performance and efficient of GPU database acceleration when using the Dell EMC PowerEdge R940xa server to run Brytlyt GPU DBMS. The objective is to show how the unique CPU to GPU ratio in R940xa is well suited for this new and emerging category of database workloads that leverage the powerful capabilities of the GPUs.

Deep Learning Inference on PowerEdge R7425

This whitepaper looks at the performance and efficiency of Deep learning inference when using the Dell EMC PowerEdge R7425 server with NVIDIA T4-16GB GPU. The objective is to show how PowerEdge R7425 can be used as a scale-up inferencing server to run production level deep learning inference workloads.

White Paper | Presented by XebiaLabs

11 Black Holes of DevOps: How Not to Get Lost in Outer Space

Check out this white paper to learn the 11 DevOps “black holes” you can easily get sucked into… and how to avoid them!

White Paper | Presented by XebiaLabs

Best Practices for DevOps: Advanced Deployment Patterns

This white paper gives you insights into the DevOps best practice of advanced deployment patterns: Blue/Green deployments, rolling updates, canary releases, dark launches, and feature toggles. It describes how each pattern works, the advantages and disadvantages of each one, considerations for implementing them, and best practices when applying them.

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How to Bake Compliance and Security into Your Software Delivery Process

Organizations struggle to deliver more and more software releases while keeping up with ever-increasing security risks and compliance issues across many different applications, teams, and environments. The stakes of that struggle are high: when risk assessment, security testing, and compliance evaluation aren’t built into the CI/CD pipeline, releases fail and cause delays, security vulnerabilities threaten Production, and IT governance violations result in expensive fines.

White Paper | Presented by XebiaLabs

The IT Manager’s Guide to DevOps

The promise of delivering better software faster is why so many companies have moved to DevOps. But DevOps isn’t just a “technical thing” that magically leads to success. It takes people, processes, and tools from across the organization seamlessly working together. Whether you’re brand new to DevOps or looking to scale, this ebook helps you create a high-performing organization that drives business value up and time to market down.

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What can you get for $15? Advanced, AI infused business analytics!!

With the new IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud you and your business will have the power and insight of AI-infused, modern business analytics at your fingertips—no matter the size of your organization, from small shops to single lines of business. Access sophisticated analytics that are powered by AI and machine learning to stay on top of your market and quickly pivot to respond to changing market conditions.

Video/Webcast | Presented by IBM

Part 1 SAP: Hana in the Cloud: Is it for you? Featuring author Brian Burke

As an SAP customer you may be investigating and analyzing SAP's roadmap and how it affects your organization, especially from an Infrastructure standpoint. Many SAP customers are asking " Should I move to SAP HANA and when?" "Should I move my SAP workload to the Cloud?" "What kind of Cloud (Private, Public) , Should it stay on-premise?" "Should I do both?" "Where is SAP taking HANA with S4/HANA and how does it impact my infrastructure?"

Miscellaneous | Presented by IBM

Part 2 SAP: Your Roadmap to Cloud featuring author Andy Hacket

New technologies of Cloud, IoT, Blockchain, Cognitive computing and AI are disrupting in way Business is done. SAP customers are looking at S/4HANA and SAP Cloud Platform as the way to enable themselves for these technologies. Many SAP customers are asking " What are the Cloud hosting options?" "How do I prepare for the move to S/4HANA?" "How do I move my processes and data?" "Who has a mature point of view (POV) to help me assess and plan my options?"

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