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White Paper | Presented by Quest Software

Data Migration Risk Assessment Template

Virtually all business projects come with inherent risk, but data migration poses a vast web of complex challenges that can make or break your organization’s digital transformation – causing delays, unnecessary expenditure, and a slew of helpdesk requests. The difference between success or failure often hinges on risk management, so before embarking on your journey, it’s crucial to understand which areas of data migration are most precarious.

How to Migrate PST Files to Office 365

This guide outlines the process for migrating PST files to Office 365, providing steps for manual migrations and information on automated alternatives. 

Chart the Ideal Path to your Multi-Cloud Future

Dell Technologies brings together hardware, software, and services to unleash new efficiencies and capabilities with reduced risk.

Modernize the Workforce Experience

This interactive brochure provides an overview of all the Dell Technologies Unified Workspace software and solutions.

eBook | Presented by CyberArk Software

An assume breach Mindset

Traditional perimeter-based IT security models conceived to control access to trusted enterprise networks aren’t well suited for today’s world of cloud services and mobile users.

White Paper | Presented by Ensono

Lock in your security maturity through strategic mainframe modernization

Public sector CIOs freely admit that they are not confident that their current people, policies, processes and controls fully protect their systems and sensitive data because mainframe systems not often integrated with security program and tooling.

White Paper | Presented by Ensono

Re-Prioritizing Security and Mainframe to Meet Current Challenges

Ensono offers an extensive array of services for state and local government to assess mainframe security, protect their mainframe systems, and detect and rapidly respond to mainframe security threats, that can help solve your most pressing on-going challenges

White Paper | Presented by Ensono

Solutions that appeal

There’s a smarter way to align public sector mainframe costs with consumption.

White Paper | Presented by Ensono

State and Local Alert

Citizens today expect access to government services to function the same way as buying a book from Amazon or booking a flight on Southwest Airlines.

White Paper | Presented by Ensono

Why are Software and Licensing Costs Eating Up Your Budget?

Ensono helps state and local governments with strategies to manage software and licensing proactively and take advantage of significant economies of scale: Leverage Ensono’s expertise, existing vendor contracts and negotiating power to reduce costs and avoid expensive surprises. Download the checklist to learn more.

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