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Beta Tester Recruitment Kit

Use these best practices and templates to attract quality testers and speed up the recruitment period.

White Paper | Presented by Centercode Inc

Continuous Customer Testing in Agile Software Development

Learn practical techniques for post-launch continuous customer testing within an agile environment. This whitepaper contains basic principles for rapid, ongoing feedback collection.

White Paper | Presented by Tricentis

How Manual SAP Testing Falls Short— and What You Can Do About It

Recent SAP advancements such as SAP S/4HANA and SAP Fiori 2.0 enable the agile, modular and distributed enterprise application environment necessary for successful Digital Transformation.

Software Beta Test Planning Kit

Unify your stakeholders behind a thorough, well-organized test plan with practical tools and best practices in our comprehensive kit.

White Paper | Presented by SelectHub

Best Cloud ERP Systems: Top 10 Picks & Vendor Checklist

The functionality and flexibility of cloud-based ERP are driving adoption rates which now outpace on-premise ERP systems--even for large organizations. Get this report for analysis of our top 10 cloud ERP pick--and use the included checklist of key ERP features to help you evaluate potential solutions for your company.

Why Core IT Automation Matters to Your Customers

Join leading IT research firm EMA and Redwood Software to learn why you should prioritize digital transformation in your organization and support those efforts with workload automation.

eBook | Presented by SmartBear

API Documentation: The Secret to a Great API Developer Experience

Today, organizations across all industries are recognizing the business and strategic opportunities of investing in an API program.

eBook | Presented by SmartBear

Guide to UI Testing with Continuous Integration

Deploying your tests in a CI/CD pipeline can allow you to catch bugs earlier in the development cycle — leading to a significant time and cost savings.

eBook | Presented by SmartBear

How to Avoid 7 Common Software Testing Problems

There’s no silver bullet in software testing. Every test project has a different set of goals and solutions.

Video/Webcast | Presented by SmartBear

Improve Your Continuous Testing & Automation Integrations with Zephyr Enterprise

If you’re involved with software testing at your organization, you may be in a spot where you’re quickly taking on more work than you’re used to – especially over the last few months.

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