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White Paper | Presented by Enzo Unified

How to Share Data Securely with Business Partners

Sharing data between two or more business partners to improve business process automation and quality of service can be challenging, time consuming, and costly.

Ensuring Business Continuity with VMware-Based Disaster Recovery

As companies forge ahead in today’s unpredictable times, those that commit resources to securing virtualized platform solutions and developing a solid disaster recovery plan will find that they’re the ones who persevere – and even thrive – during adversity.

eBook | Presented by SingleStore

Fast Analytics in Financial Services eBook

Learn more about common data infrastructure challenges faced by financial services organizations, and what these companies are doing about it

Case Study | Presented by SingleStore

Nucleus Security Case Study

Nucleus Security Replaces its open-source database and sees a 20X increase in performance for its slowest queries.

A New Take on Cloud Shared Responsibility

This SANS white paper will help you navigate cloud infrastructure nuances and strengthen your security posture. Learn the key components of a cloud-based detection and response model and understand the strengths and limitations of on-premises tools when applied to the cloud.? Download this ExtraHop-sponsored white paper to learn more.

Dark Reading Report: The State of IT Operations & Cybersecurity Operations

This new study from Dark Reading finds that while these two groups are getting better at collaborating, several key roadblocks continue to undermine their success. Ready to understand what those roadblocks are and how to overcome them?

Video/Webcast | Presented by Equalum

Dynamic Data Movement – Delivering Business Value in Real-Time

Join experts from Equalum and IDC as they explore how to evaluate the performance, scalability, and flexibility of a data integration solution; how to create an architecture for data enablement; and why implementing DataOps pays off.

Gartner: 2020 Hype Cycle for Security Operations

As organizations continue to adopt new IT—from mobile, cloud services, operational technology (OT), and the Internet of Things (IoT)—it’s clear that no single security technology provides complete protection, prevention, or visibility. Risk management leaders must make intelligent, business-driven decisions about which operations technologies they choose.

How to Accelerate Your AI Ops Transformation with an Outcomes-Driven Approach

AI Ops (artificial intelligence for IT operations) introduces a fundamentally different way of thinking about IT operations. Getting started with AI Ops, requires a transformational

How to Accelerate Your Data Strategy with a Use Case-Driven Approach

Enterprises today need to maximize the value of their data while minimizing risk. Applying the Data Maturity Curve of World Wide Technology to your organization can help accelerate your data strategy.

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