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White Paper | Presented by HELPSYSTEMS

2021 Ransomware Guide

Though ransomware is not a new type of malware, it is becoming ever more pervasive and ransom demands are only getting higher.

White Paper | Presented by Oracle

8 Questions to Ask Your Cloud Provider

Ask your cloud provider these eight questions to explore their ability and understanding to drive your business’s digital transformation.

White Paper | Presented by Oracle

Achieving always-on security in the cloud era

Navigating cloud security with a new approach to secure your business.

White Paper | Presented by HELPSYSTEMS

A Simple Guide to Successful Penetration Testing

In today’s world, cyber-attacks are commonplace, and countless organizations have had to deal with the fallout of a breach.

White Paper | Presented by SelectHub

Best Cloud ERP Systems: Top 10 Picks & Vendor Checklist

The functionality and flexibility of cloud-based ERP are driving adoption rates which now outpace on-premise ERP systems--even for large organizations. Get this report for analysis of our top 10 cloud ERP pick--and use the included checklist of key ERP features to help you evaluate potential solutions for your company.

White Paper | Presented by Oracle

Drive relentless innovation in your business: Top 5 Considerations

What are the top things you can do to kickstart a culture of innovation across your enterprise?

Case Study | Presented by Logicworks

Global Leader in Healthcare Enterprise Identification Software Launches EMPI Platform as Cloud-Based SaaS with Logicworks

Learn how NextGate launched the first fully-managed, cloud-based EMPI software on the AWS cloud with Logicworks and achieved HITRUST compliance.

eBook | Presented by Logicworks

Guide to Cloud Management Technical Requirements, Staffing, and Budget Planning

76% of IT leadership underestimates the cost & effort of cloud management. Companies that understand the time and investment needed to operate on the cloud gain a significant competitive advantage, mitigate risk, and are better positioned to scale and optimize to ensure long-term success.

eBook | Presented by Logicworks

How to Reboot Your Cloud Migration Projects: Why Cloud Projects Stall & How to Fix It

90% of CIOs say their cloud migration projects aren't going according to plan. What should you do if your cloud projects are stalled, delayed, over-budget, or tied up in red tape?

Case Study | Presented by Logicworks

Industry Leading Multi-Enterprise Product & Supply Chain Platform Migrates Retail SaaS Platform to Microsoft Azure with Logicworks

Discover how a retail SaaS company migrated its supply chain platform from on-premises datacenters to Microsoft Azure.

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