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Solution Brief | Presented by IBM

Building Resilient Government Infrastructure

To meet the changing needs of constituents, government agencies at all levels must utilize intelligent and autonomous systems to deliver better service, increase operational efficiency, ensure safety, and reduce asset and facility costs. Smart buildings and infrastructure management are an important investment area for agencies to keep people safe and healthy.

Solution Brief | Presented by IBM

Building Resilient Oil and Gas Operations

The commodity price collapse and increased safety initiatives are forcing the oil and gas industry to shift from a safety-challenged, labor-intensive business model to a more resilient operational structure by using automation and AI.

Leveraging high-performance computing for CAE workloads

Move past the workstation to turbocharge engineering productivity

Solution Brief | Presented by IBM

Utilities Powering Up Resilient Operations

To meet business challenges – like low energy commodity prices and tight profit margins – utilities require intelligent and automated systems to enhance service, operational efficiency, and the bottom line. Such systems can help lower costs and build operational resiliency.

White Paper | Presented by Tricentis

3 Proven Ways Enterprise IT Leaders Can Speed Up SAP Innovation

Digital transformation is all about speed. In this white paper, you will learn how to speed up your SAP projects, eliminate the pain and costs of hypercare, and deliver zero defect releases.

White Paper | Presented by Tricentis

BI And Data Warehouse Testing: Identifying Data Integrity Issues At Every DWH Phase

Data integrity can be compromised at all DWH/BI phases: when data is created, integrated, moved, or transformed. However, testing of data warehouses is usually deferred until late in the cycle.

White Paper | Presented by Tricentis

Continuous Testing Transformation: 7 Critical Success Factors

Download this white paper to learn the seven factors that are most critical for transforming testing to meet the needs of Agile and DevOps environments.

White Paper | Presented by Tricentis

Decision Integrity: The Growing Complexity Of Data Is Sabotaging Your BI Initiative

We're in the midst of a data explosion, and mission-critical data has burst far beyond the scope of traditional data quality checks.

White Paper | Presented by Tricentis

Gartner Magic Quadrant For Software Test Automation 2019

We believe that this annual report on software testing industry trends is a “must-read” for all software testing professionals. In addition to exploring how Agile and DevOps are altering the expectations for software testing, it assesses how 10 vendors compare versus these changing expectations.

White Paper | Presented by Tricentis

How Implementing A Modern Testing Practice Accelerates Software Delivery

Digital transformation is near the top of every CIO’s agenda today. To reap the benefits, it’s critical to get new products to market faster. Agile and DevOps methods have ushered in a new era of rapid development and delivery. Yet testing remains a bottleneck.

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