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Protect customer privacy while enriching data analytics

Effectively complying with global privacy lawslike the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires an automated technology solution that discovers and protects sensitive data across a variety of repositories—and, ideally, preserves the business value and availability of that data.

Security Is Integral to the Workspace

This white paper explores why CIOs believe a digital workplace strategy directly enables future success, and how to ensure security around emerging workspace technologies.

Key Tactics for Securing Mobile, Global Employees

The mobile worker is here to stay. And with this style of work comes an expanded attack surface. Add in the increasing number and sophistication of cyber threats and you’re facing very real challenges. The answer lies in shifting away from traditional approaches—or combining old standbys with new tactics.

Empower Your Employees with Analytics

Though it may take a team of data analysts and scientists to assemble actionable business intelligence and insights, many predict employees themselves will need an understanding of analytics. Learn how to help create a team of data-savvy workers to distribute these insights across the business for real bottom-line impact.

4 Steps to a Flexible Digital Workspace

Today’s technology decision makers must recognize the differing needs of all workers, including Millennials, baby boomers, and Gen-Xers. But you must also take a leadership role in defining a flexible work environment that meets all your workers’ needs and helps drive your organization’s strategic goals.

Security & Technology Predictions: What’s Important

IT exec recognize the need for and benefits of digital work spaces, but security concerns abound. See what your peers predict for the future, and learn how to get your hands around what’s coming down the pipeline.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Splunk & AWS

How FINRA Gains Real-Time Insights To Safeguard US Financial System With Splunk On AWS

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is a large independent Wall Street regulator that receives up to 99 billion records for surveillance every day in order to protect investors and maintain market integrity.

White Paper | Presented by Kinaxis

Aberdeen Research: Maximize your ERP investment

In this new Aberdeen report discover why concurrent planning is the modern answer to streamlining supply chain responsiveness.

Migrating and Managing Applications on AWS—simplified.

This webinar covers the key issues you will encounter and how to address them, including the use of automation to speed deployment.

eBook | Presented by Amazon


By moving to Amazon Web Services (AWS), your organization can return to focusing on its core mission and free up resources to focus on new business initiatives and innovation. This quick guide outlines important touchpoints, steps, and things to think about as you make the move to AWS.

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