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Wayback Wednesday: He’s really good at worst-case scenarios

There’s a hole in the boss’s cost-savings plan.

imac g4

All eyes on looming iMac redesign

Will the next iMac design show the future of Apple hardware design, after Jony Ive?

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So long, farewell

It can be so hard to let go.

apple square one

Apple Park will have to change

Can a building designed for collaboration become a safe place in a pandemic?

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Memory-Lane Monday: Sometimes the problem is clear

In which case, the solution is not.

silicon valley

The prognosis for Silicon Valley looks very good

The world's engine of innovation is sick, stricken by the coronavirus. But it will emerge stronger than ever. Here’s why the valley will be just fine.

hands cropping picture frame arrows trends forward thinking future trends by photo by ian noble on

Rethinking PCs and smartphones in a post-COVID-19 world

We are still early into the COVID-19 disruption, but I have little doubt the world will be dramatically changed as a result. The tech hardware world that will exist post-pandemic will have a lot to do with what emerges at Blackberry,...

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Flashback Friday: Touchy

A backup generator apparently should provide some backup work.

apple store union square san francisco

What next for Apple retail?

Until we get COVID-19 testing and vaccination sorted out, main streets and malls will be quiet for a while.

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Wayback Wednesday: Data safeguarding, by the professionals

And you had done such a good job.

iphone se 2020

Why Apple’s iPhone SE is this season’s smartphone

It's slightly more affordable, delivers a long life span and has the best available mobile processor -- plus, it's easy to use with your mask on.

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Only connect

Oh, yes, we’ve all been there and done that.

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Memory-Lane Monday: System Zzzzz

This fish needs a wake-up call.

ZBook Studio

The most exciting product in HP’s ‘Creativity to Life’ launch

Creating a Windows laptop that appeals to MacBook buyers isn’t easy. But the new HP ZBook Studio is the latest, and arguably best, MacBook rival to date. With so many 'creators' working from home now, a laptop workstation powerhouse...

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Flashback Friday: Reduce, reuse, recycle, reward

Some good deeds are not punished.

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Wayback Wednesday: Out of rotation

You have more faith in computers than you should.

homepod back white

Does Apple's recent HomePod OS set the scene for WWDC?

Apple's decision to run HomePod on a version of tvOS hints at the evolution of a homeOS.

covid 19 coronavirus network technology cc0 by geralt pixabay 2400x1600

The coronavirus is revealing our technology blunders

From Zoom’s endless security holes to the revelation that Cobol is still alive and sickly inside our critical government infrastructure, we’re discovering to our chagrin that a lot of our technology is far from disaster-proof.

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All in a day’s work

How about using ‘IHate(TechBehemoth)’ for that new email address?

COVID-19 coronavirus morphology / network of cells

Amid the pandemic, MFA's shortcomings are clearer than ever

The pandemic means there is no time for security niceties, such as properly processing RFPs for apps that were thoroughly vetted. That brings us to MFA and why it has to be radically re-envisioned.

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