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Throwback Thursday: You don’t own it

That server can’t be in two places at once.

CW > Microsoft Store  / abstract download

It’s time for Microsoft to kill the Microsoft Store — or else fix it

Fixing it would be easy: Just offer people the software they want to download.

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Wayback Wednesday: Educators need some education

Caught in a bureaucratic storm.

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There’s support, and then there’s SUPPORT

The perimeter is a little squishy.

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Next time, draw him a map

Oh, THAT 3302!

google glass detail

Five reasons why smart glasses mean business

Sorry, consumers. Smart glasses are for professional use only for the foreseeable future. Don’t try this at home.

istock 1142794605 tg

How Software-Defining Your Datacenter Can Be As Easy As Ordering a Pizza

How to distill data center processes for custom-made IT services

two children under umbrella in the rain

Who watches the iOS parental control apps?

Do you want developers you don’t know over whom you have no control watching what your children do?

varjo xr 1

Varjo XR-1: Rethinking mixed reality and building for the wearable computing future

Can the current problems with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) be overcome by what is called either mixed or extended reality (MR/XR) technology? As a harbinger of this blended future, the Varjo XR-1 headset is an...

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Oh yeah

If only we had met a day earlier.

apple wwdc 2019 logo

What can enterprise users expect at Apple’s WWDC?

Marzipan, iPad productivity, and a swathe of new developer tools should mean new opportunities to enterprise IT.

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Throwback Thursday: It happens every January

He never noticed until now.

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Ever hear about the chessboard and the rice grains?

Yeah, things start to add up quickly.

Microsoft Windows update arrows on laptop and mobile phone

Suffering through Windows Update

Why should I have to worry about whether it’s safe to update my Windows PCs?

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Time-Machine Tuesday: But it was only one missing part

They have to save money somewhere, right?

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That’s the last acronym I would have expected him not to know

You see, though, he didn’t know the data center was militarized.

sharepoint conference north america 2018

Welcome to the intelligent intranet: Key announcements from SharePoint Conference 2019

Microsoft announces new intranet capabilities for SharePoint and Office 365.

Apple Card

Soon every credit card will be like Apple Card

Apple has been cooking up change with MasterCard and Goldman Sachs

communication talking ignore faces retro speaking

UCSF and NVIDIA may have just saved us from our noisy future

A breakthrough by the University of California San Francisco using NVIDIA’s AI architecture to create an electrocardiographic link to your brain has resulted in voice-free vocal communication. This could enable the future of...

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That’s the kind of thinking that gets you out of the box.

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