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Google dealt setback in age bias case by judge interested in 'Googleyness'

An age discrimination lawsuit against Google was approved as a '"collective action" by a federal court judge, allowing software engineers, age 40 or over, who were rejected for jobs at Google since August 2014 and after an in-person...

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Trump says Google Search biased against him

Just two days after his first debate with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump told an audience at a political rally in Wisconsin that Google is biased against him and suppressing search results.

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Why you want Google's Allo

Reviews are mixed on Google's latest communication app. Here's what the reviewers aren't telling you.

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Update: 500 million Yahoo accounts stolen could be the largest data breach ever

Rumors from last month might prove true as Yahoo is expected to announce officially that they've been breached.

google allo site

Google needs solid win with release of smart Allo app

Google this week launched Allo, a smart messaging app that uses artificial intelligence to help users express themselves, accomplish more and find more information within their chats.

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Verizon must pay even if Mozilla walks from Yahoo search deal

Verizon, which plans to buy Yahoo for $4.8 billion, will be on the hook to Mozilla for more than $1 billion through 2019.

Yahoo Yang keynote at

9 big moments in Yahoo's troubled history

Here are nine big events in the up-and-down history of Yahoo.

Yahoo Corporate

Yahoo sells internet biz to Verizon in $4.8B deal

Ailing Yahoo is selling off its operating business for $4.8 billion to Verizon Communications in a cash deal that will reduce the storied tech firm to mainly holding its cash, stakes in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan and non-core patents.

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For SEO, links are even more important than you think

It's a rare business today that doesn't take at least some steps to optimize its website for search-engine rankings, but how best to do that remains an open question. A new study suggests that inbound links are even more critical than...

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EU levels more charges against Google

The European Commission added new antitrust charges against Google in the areas of search and advertising as it continues to investigate the Internet search giant.

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Google's tax liabilities scrutinized after Spanish raid

Spain has joined the scrum of tax authorities examining Google's accounts to see if the company has paid all that it should.

google my activity tool

Google tool lets users personalize the ads they see

A new tool introduced by Google lets users personalize across devices what ads they see on the company's and third-party sites.

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EU is preparing AdWords antitrust complaint against Google

Google may soon be the target of a third set of charges from Europe's top antitrust authority, this time concerning the advertising services that generate the majority of its revenue.

Why Microsoft is waving the magic Wand

Another Microsoft acquisition is almost as interesting as the one from earlier this week.

zee aero patent sketch flying car.

Google's Larry Page may be working on flying cars

Google's Larry Page is reportedly investing $100 million in trying to build flying cars.

Google Now On Tap - Android

Google Now On Tap is bringing Android full circle

How a seemingly small change is making a monumental difference -- and turning untapped potential into practical power.

google assistant

Google dives into the future with a focus on A.I.

With much of what Google announced during the first day of its I/O developer conference focused on helping users answer questions before they even think of them, artificial intelligence is proving critical for the company's strategy.


An HTTPS hijacking click-fraud botnet now infects almost 1M computers

Over the past two years, a group of cybercriminals has infected almost 1 million computers with malware that hijacks search results, even when they're served over encrypted HTTPS connections.

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Google could face $3.4B fine in EU antitrust probe

Google could face a record fine of up to €3 billion ($3.4 billion) as soon as next month as part of a six-year European Commission antitrust investigation into the company's search engine dominance.

Google European Union

EU searches for huge penalty in Google antitrust case

Google will be fined €3 billion by the European Union. So say secret sources close to the Euro bloc, which has been probing Google's search monopoly since 2009...

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