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home office ideal setup angle

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Wayback Wednesday: All true statements, in their way

Why challenge a giant?

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Microsoft launches enterprise preview of all-cloud printing service

The company described Universal Print as 'a Microsoft 365 subscription-based service' that allows printing without direct device-to-printer links.

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Wayback Wednesday: So much for that executive-suite mystique

We’re all business up here!

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The left hand doesn’t know …

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Wayback Wednesday: Details, details

Installation was a breeze.

Computerworld  |  Shark Tank

Always ask the obvious first

For example: Why would a wireless printer come with so many wires?

Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Google opens up Glass Enterprise Edition 2 for direct purchases

Developers will be allowed to buy the smartglasses individually as Google looks to build business demand.

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You’ll be amazed at the things you’ll see when you go up on the roof.

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One from the department of good intentions.

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Throwback Thursday: Help is right around the corner

Phone tag? This is more like phone volleyball.

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Finally! The paperless office!

Sometimes it’s the simple things.

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Throwback Thursday: Apparently it’s just not in their job description

Or ‘Toner out’ is way too cryptic a message.

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Where the heck is CTRL-Z?

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Wayback Wednesday: If it works, don’t knock it

And now our printer is just like all the others.

abstract virtual reality head set augmented reality headgear

AR at work: 5 headsets aimed at business

Augmented reality is finding a place in the office as a driver of collaboration and productivity and for front-line workers, a way to stay connected with fellow employees.

mac pro 2019 wwdc

WWDC: Mac Pro — the computer for the few

Apple nails it with its new Mac Pro. Its high-end computer, while a high price tag, radically enhances the workflow of the high-end user and is the best a professional can get.


Microsoft aims HoloLens 2 at the enterprise

Microsoft's updated virtual reality headset, unveiled at Mobile World Congress, promises a more immersive and comfortable user experience.

Computerworld Cheat Sheet - Microsoft Excel 2016

Excel 2016 and 2019 cheat sheet: Ribbon quick reference

Our visual guide helps you find the most popular commands on the Ribbon in Excel 2016 and 2019 for Windows, along with keyboard shortcuts for performing each action.

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