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Bugs in latest Windows/Office patch bundles create confusion

Recent buggy patches have been handled in conflicting, confounding ways

Microsoft previews telemetry push with new Win7/8.1 patches KB 3192403, 3192404

Microsoft plans to roll out major extensions to its Diagnostic and Telemetry service in November

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Win 7/8.1 'patchocalypse' springs a few surprises

Most of the changes to Windows 7 and 8.1 patching happened as expected yesterday, but a few unexpected twists deserve attention

Microsoft targets Apple with Surface Book launch [2015]

Buggy KB 3194496 patch redlines Chinese-enabled Surface Pro 4s, Surface Books

If you have the Chinese Simplified or Traditional IME installed on your tablet or laptop, watch out for Windows 10 build 14393.222

Old problems linger with new Windows 10 Anniversary Update, build 14393.222

The drive freezes, install failures, and network lockups continue, but many little bugs are finally gone

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Microsoft finally fixes double-print bug, but more patching problems loom

The convoluted method Microsoft used to fix the MS16-098 double-printing bug is a harbinger of screw-ups to come with the new all-or-nothing approach to patching

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What's been fixed and what's still broken in Windows 10

Microsoft has provided some relief for well-known bugs, but there are still big problems, especially with the Anniversary Update

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Here's how to install balky Windows 10 cumulative patch KB 3189866

If your Windows 10 Anniversary Update install gets stuck at 95 percent, these steps will fix it without using Internet Explorer

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Still no timetable for RAW partition bug fix in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

A month ago, Microsoft promised a fix 'soon,' but it hasn't shown up yet

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Blame Microsoft -- not users -- for fragmented patching in Windows 7 and 8.1

Users for the most part have only been trying to protect themselves from 'Get Windows 10' nagware and Microsoft snooping

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Progress report: Where we stand on fixes for the big bugs in Windows

Yesterday’s near perfect storm of Windows patches leaves behind a complex but hopeful-looking aftermath

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Microsoft finally fixes Surface Pro 3 battery woes

Initial reports about the Simplo battery firmware update are positive, but why did it take Microsoft so long?

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Fumbled fixes highlight problem with Windows 10 cumulative updates

Plagued by ongoing issues caused by a printing bug, Microsoft needs to come clean about its process for fixing the problem

Microsoft changes Win7/8.1 updates, pushes even harder for Windows 10

Starting in October, patches will be cumulative and Win7/8.1 customers will effectively cede control of their PCs to Microsoft

windows trouble controversy crash problem hacked

More Win 10 Anniversary Update problems -- and what to do about them

If the Anniversary Update has your PC tied in knots, it may not be too late to back out

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Microsoft admits to distributing Windows printing bugs in KB 3177725 and KB 3176493

Unfortunately, KB 3177725 is the 'magic' Win7 patch that speeds update scans. But here's a workaround

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Microsoft yanks buggy speed-up patch KB 3161608, replaces it with KB 3172605 and 3172614

Microsoft and Intel are in a standoff when it comes to Bluetooth bugs in the Windows Update speed-up fix, leaving users in the lurch

keep calm

Microsoft Patch Tuesday stirs up plenty of hype, but not much cause for alarm

The new method for speeding up Windows 7 scans for updates seems to be working

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Four new Windows patches to avoid: KB 2952664, 2976978, 2977759, and Windows Journal 3170735

There are signs that Windows Journal -- a massive security hole in Windows -- is about to get the axe

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Microsoft releases KB 3161647, KB 3161608 to fix slow Windows 7 update scans

Early results look promising: the many-hours-long Win7 waits may be behind us

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