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Firefox 52 bans plug-ins, supports 'game changer' standard

Mozilla today updated Firefox to version 52, which adds a variety of new features and plugs 28 security vulnerabilities, a half dozen of them considered "critical."

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Mozilla to nail Firefox's NPAPI coffin in four weeks

Mozilla next month will bar plug-ins built using a decades-old technology from Firefox, ending a years-long effort to make the browser more secure.

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Mozilla zaps residue of Firefox OS as it shutters IoT group

Mozilla is shuttering a group tasked with creating an operating system for the Internet of Things and will lay off an unspecified number of workers.

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Mozilla's new corporate logo evokes URL lingo

Mozilla yesterday unveiled a new logo for the company and foundation that includes typographical elements of a standard URL.

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Mozilla to scrap Firefox support on Windows XP and Vista in 2017

Mozilla plans to end support for its Firefox browser running on Windows XP and Windows Vista sometime in 2017.

Another 40M bolt from Microsoft's browsers

Microsoft's browsers hemorrhaged another 40 million users last month, according to analytics vendor Net Applications.

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Mozilla plans to rejuvenate Firefox in 2017

Mozilla last week named its next-generation browser engine project and said it would add the new technology to Firefox next year.

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Mozilla tests ad-blocking feature in Firefox

Mozilla today introduced three new test features for Firefox, including one that may foreshadow a more aggressive ad-blocking strategy by the developer.

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Mozilla slowly grants multi-process Firefox to more users

Mozilla today upgraded Firefox to version 49 and is expanding the pool of users who receive the multiple process browser.

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Mozilla supplies multi-process Firefox to <1% of users

Mozilla has begun a limited release of a multiple-process Firefox by outfitting fewer than one in every 100 users with the improved browser.

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Multi-process Firefox project nears completion of first phase

Mozilla is nearing a production release of a multi-process Firefox that should offer better performance and stability.

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Firefox 47 adds more support for video copy protection

Mozilla today released Firefox 47, which sports multiple under-the-hood changes and an enhancement to the browser's synchronization service.

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Federal judge rejects Mozilla's demand to see bug in Tor browser

A federal judge has rejected a request by Mozilla that the U.S. government provide it with information about a vulnerability in the Tor browser, which is based on Mozilla's Firefox.


Mozilla rehashes Firefox feature-testing program

Mozilla has cranked up Test Pilot -- restoring a 2015 project with a name from 2009 -- to collect feedback on proposed new features for its Firefox browser.

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Mozilla explores radically different browser as Firefox leaks share

Mozilla is trying to come up with a next-generation browser, but seems uncertain whether to retain the current Firefox technology or switch to something else.


Firefox 45 terminates Tab Groups

Mozilla today released Firefox 45, following through on a promise to drop the browser's Tab Groups feature.

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Mozilla sets kill date for Firefox OS on phones

Mozilla has spelled out when it plans to halt development of its mobile operating system, Firefox OS.

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Firefox OS for smartphones has ceased to be, says Mozilla (and Tardigrade)

Mozilla Firefox OS has expired: Bereft of life, it rests in peas—we think that’s how Mozilla Corp’s “Global Marketing Director” for Firefox OS sees it it. John Bernard (Marketer of the Year, 2013) and sidekick George Roter tell us...


Firefox 44 debuts push notifications

Mozilla today released Firefox 44, adding push notifications to the browser.


Mozilla finally ships 64-bit Firefox for Windows

Mozilla today shipped Firefox 43, the first edition that lets users download a production-grade 64-bit version for Windows.

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