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Telecommuting in a post-COVID U.S. will be radically different. And that's a very good thing.

IT execs need to start talking with other C-levels now and figure out what they want their post-COVID company to look like.


Uncertain about your career? Consider a pivot to project management

This 114-hour bundle will get you acquainted with popular methodologies so you’ll be better equipped to get the job.

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Shadow IT goes home: How to reduce the risk

As workers were forced home due to the COVID-19 crisis, the potential for shadow IT went with them to their remote offices. However, it doesn't need pose a risk. In fact, it could prove to be an asset.

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So long, farewell

It can be so hard to let go.

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7 ways to optimize IT team productivity during difficult times

Even in today's challenging environment, inspiring staff members to function effectively isn't as hard as many IT leaders believe. The secret lies in smart, adaptable management.


Get over $2,000 worth of expert Python training for just $35

This 12-course e-training bundle is just the ticket for professionals with no time to spare.

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Memory-Lane Monday: System Zzzzz

This fish needs a wake-up call.

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Wayback Wednesday: Out of rotation

You have more faith in computers than you should.

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Flashback Friday: Anything missing?

Or maybe she’s a one-name entity, like Cher.


vSphere can supercharge your IT efficiency. This $59 course breaks it down

Unlock nearly 80 hours of expert training for under $60.

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Flashback Friday: Now he’s a believer

But his initial doubt was understandable.


Prep for an AWS Solutions Architect Associate cert for just $20

This 17-hour web course, geared towards current IT pros, provides an easy way to train from anywhere.

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Wayback Wednesday: It’s either this or spin the Wheel o’ Fish

‘Eeny-meeny’ also works.

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This project management training can supercharge your team's efficiency

Learn how to work efficiently and maximize profits.

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Dealing with the downturn

As the coronavirus pandemic builds, businesses are already reeling from the economic impact. Here's how IT can adjust to a new reality of cost trimming and budget cuts.

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Flashback Friday: No, if it were too risky … oh, never mind

The logic of upper management baffles once again.

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Train up on today's essential cybersecurity skills for $40

This eLearning bundle is ideal for anyone who wants to get into one of tech's most lucrative fields.

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Wayback Wednesday: Sometimes it really ISN’T your job

Life in the gutter.


This $40 cloud training can help you master AWS, Azure, and more top tools

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Don’t let the coronavirus make you a home office security risk

Congratulations. You're now the chief security officer of your company’s newest branch office: Your home. Here's how to manage your new job.

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