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Adobe Systems Adobe Flash Player ransomware

Just say NO to Adobe Flash Player -- emergency patch vs. Cerber ransomware

Flash Player gets another emergency patch—this time, Adobe Systems is warning of a ransomware attack, exploiting a bug in the beleaguered software. So should you install the patch, or just uninstall Flash Player? What do you think…

WhatsApp Encryption

WhatsApp encryption -- egg on Hillary's face

WhatsApp's encryption job is done -- says the billion-user messaging app team. It was helped by Open Whisper Systems, the crypto-heads behind the Signal system, which is what WhatsApp's app now uses for its end-to-end wonderousness...

Android Google root vulnerability

Google fail? This new Critical zero-day Android vuln is TWO years old!

Android has horrible new security hole, says Google. Not only that, but Google admits the bug's been known about since April 2014, and is being exploited -- SKY FALLING; FILM AT 11...

WhatsApp DoJ encryption

DoJ vs. Apple iPhone: Now Obama weighs in with math denial

After Apple, the Justice Dept. will fight WhatsApp over encryption, say deep-throated sources. As Barack Obama ramps up the rhetorical fight at Austin's South-by, whispered words to Useful Idiots are readying the next battle of the...

Apple Macintosh OS X ransomware transmission

Apple Mac OS X meets ransomware hell; Internet cries out in terror

Apple Mac OS X isn't immune to ransomware, nor to other malicious maladies (in case you're blissfully unaware). Last week, criminals broke into the Transmission BitTorrent client site, adding nasty ransomware into the installation... Kindle Fire tablet

Listen... Amazon Kindle Fire encryption was pointless anyway, so chill

Amazon does a U-turn over encryption on the Kindle Fire (and other toys using the Android-derived Fire OS). In a one-line PR statement, Amazon says encryption will come back to the suspiciously-cheap units in the springtime...

Good security begins with the endpoint in mind

In my work with new customers, I have yet to find a single one who has even a simple majority of workstations -- or endpoints as they are often known -- patched properly. Since much of the malware in existence takes advantage of known...

Apple iPhone FBI cancer

Apple: FBI iPhone order is like “Cancer,” this is “About the future”

Tim Cook hits back at FBI tasking Apple to help it unlock iPhone used by San Bernadino suspect, using a colorful—if repetitive—metaphor. And now, other tech companies are rushing to jump on Cook’s PR coattails...

hospital ransomware 40 Bitcoin

This Hollywood hospital didn’t backup its data? “Ransomware” payday for evil hackers

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center was forced to pay a ransom if it wanted its critical data back from hackers who encrypted its computers. The hospital’s CEO announced he’d spent around $17,000 in Bitcoin -- after a week of...

Apple iPhone FBI San Bernadino Tim Cook

FBI iPhone terror fight: Apple PR clouding the truth

A court ordered Apple to unlock the iPhone of Syed Rizwan Farook, a suspect in the San Bernadino terrorist attack, December 2. Tim Cook isn’t happy, but he’s not making sense -- he says Apple can’t give the FBI any more help, and...

Rep. Ted Lieu ENCRYPT Act

Encryption boost from U.S. House bill: Stop States’ smartphone stupidity

Amazingly, some Hill dwellers are pro-encryption, and are starting to fight for citizens’ privacy rights. The first step seems to be to stop individual States from enacting their own crazy anti-crypto laws...

Google Gmail Jon Postel

Google drives email users to up their Gmail security and privacy

Gmail has two new security features. Users get to see whether their email was or will be encrypted in transit, and also whether other senders have been authenticated...

FBI U.S. DHS hack DotGovs

DoJ fiddles while FBI & DHS burn (after trivial hack of U.S. employee data)

U.S. DHS and FBI staff see their directory info stolen by pro-Palestine hacktivists. The self-styled DotGovs group says it broke into DoJ networks to leech the data, via spear-phishing plus social engineering...

password 25 worst Morgan Slain SplashData

Stop using poor passwords! Here are 25 fail-worthy ideas

These are 25 of the “worst” passwords, at least, in the opinion of a password-manager vendor. As you might expect, they're all stupid...

Google smartphone authentication

Google still trying to kill passwords: This new auth idea sounds interesting

Google is testing a new authentication method. In a bid to get rid of the password, la GOOG will instead pop up a prompt on your phone, asking you if it’s OK to log you in...

GNU Linux GRUB backspace 28

Linux Grub massive flaw: Was it made by NSA in 2009?

GNU/Linux has a massive flaw in Grub, its ubiquitous bootloader. Just by hitting a few keys, you can completely pwn a Linux box—including many embedded devices...

Twitter state-sponsored hack

Oh noes: Twitter tells of “state actor” hack on tweeps (this is what you should know)

Some Twitter users may have been hacked by the government. Or “a” government—we don’t know which and Twitter isn’t saying. Not even Del Harvey, head of Twitter’s Trust & Safety team (pictured)...

Wifi billboard

To share or not to share -- a look at Guest Wi-Fi networks

Guest networks are a great Wi-Fi security feature offering multiple advantages. Read why you may want to try them out.

Nicholas Merrill FBI NSL gag

FBI needs no warrant to see your browsing history, reveals @nickcalyx

Nicholas Merrill, who runs a small ISP and hosting company, was instructed by the FBI to give up all kinds of personal information about one of his customers..


The D-Link DIR860L router -- how secure can it get?

This is a router review like no other. It is focused solely on the security aspects of the D-Link DIR-860L router, comparing it to my checklist of security features at

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