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Mozilla previews 64-bit Firefox for Windows, tentatively slates stable release for mid-May

Mozilla on Monday announced its first developer preview of a 64-bit Windows version of Firefox

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Mozilla reveals Firefox add-on lockdown

Mozilla has detailed plans to require Firefox add-ons to be digitally signed, a move meant to bear down on rogue and malicious extensions.


The MIGHTY HAS FALLEN -- Google loses a WHOPPING 2% of US search market

The latest US search engine figures are in and it appears Yahoo's deal with Mozilla has paid off. Yahoo's market share has reportedly quadrupled, but does this mean Google should be worried?


Firefox drops Google like a BAD HABIT

"Yahoo + Firefox" -- this was found yesterday, freshly carved on a tree trunk in Sunnyvale, California. Years ago, similar marks were found on a tree in nearby Mountain View, but those read "Google + Firefox."

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