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cadillac supercruise ADAS

GM's self-driving tech will stop the car if you're inattentive

GM's upcoming semi-autonomous "Super Cruise" system lets drivers take their hands off the steering wheel, but the technology can determine a driver’s responsiveness and will stop the vehicle automatically if you're not paying...

Smart car with Intel chip

Intel races to put autonomous cars on streets

As the PC market levels out, Intel believes it has a big future in autonomous cars.

apple carplay

U.S. auto regulators want to block drivers from using mobile apps

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proposed guidelines for automakers that include a Driver Mode to automatically take smartphones or tablets offline and reduce distracted driving accidents.


Car buyers more willing to share data -- if they get something back

Nine out of 10 consumers recently surveyed said they are aware of privacy issues related to electronics in their vehicles and willing to share that data -- as long as they get something in return.

Intel self-driving car

Intel to invest $250M in self-driving cars

Intel plans to spend an additional $250 million over the next two years to make fully autonomous driving a reality.

Zoox The Boz

Self-driving car startup now valued at $1.5B

Zoox Labs, a two-year old Silicon Valley autonomous vehicle start-up, just raised another $50 million in investment funding, which skyrocketed the company's market value to $1.5 billion even before it's shipped a single car.

Model 3 glass roof solar

Tesla likely to add solar power roofs to cars

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company will probably add photovoltaic charging technology on its future cars.

tesla supercharger station tesla model s resized 100311269 orig 100639192 orig

Tesla to discontinue free EV charging for new cars

Tesla today announced that customers who buy its cars after Jan. 1, 2017 will receive about 1,000 miles worth of free charges from its Supercharging stations. After that, for the first time ever, they'll be required to pay to recharge....

Ford cross traffic alert braking

Your next Ford will be able to back itself into a parking space, steer around traffic

Ford revealed several new driver assist technologies that it plans to roll out in its next generation of vehicles, including auto braking when in reverse and the ability to back itself into a parking space.

ford sync 3

Ford to use Blackberry QNX software in autonomous cars

Ford has expanded its partnership with Blackberry to use its QNX software in its Internet-connected cars. The goal: to ensure the mobile platform is secure as the company moves toward a self-driving fleet.

Qualcomm CEO

Qualcomm agrees to buy automotive chip-maker for over $37 billion

Microprocessor maker Qualcomm is spending its way out of a stagnating mobile phone industry, offering to buy NXP Semiconductors, a company with a strong position in automotive chips.

IBM: In 5 years, Watson A.I. will be behind your every decision

In the next five years, nearly every important decision, whether it's business or personal, will be made with the assistance of IBM Watson, said IBM president and CEO Ginni Rometty, in a keynote speech at IBM's World of Watson...

IBM Watson artifical intelligence cognitive computing

Masterpass using IBM Watson coming to GM vehicles in 2017

Masterpass digital payment technology will run on many General Motors vehicles starting in 2017 with an assist from IBM's Watson.

20160127 intel superbowl city

Intel wants to make its IoT chips see, think, and act

While ARM introduced two minuscule processor architectures with new security features on Tuesday, Intel unveiled its Atom E3900 chips with a focus on computer vision and industrial-grade timing.

self-driving truck

Self-driving 18-wheeler delivers the first shipment: Beer

Self-driving truck company Otto teamed with Anheuser-Busch to successfully deliver a semi-tractor full of beer to Colorado Springs, a journey of 120 miles.

Automated cars are raising concerns about privacy and security

U.S. transport agency guidance on vehicle cybersecurity irks lawmakers

Guidance from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for improving motor vehicle cybersecurity has attracted criticism from lawmakers who said that mandatory security standards are required.

Ranault ZOE, Nissan LEAF

Nissan, Renault tout plans to make 10 autonomous vehicles by 2020

Nissan and Renault have partnered to create a new mobility division to focus on the development of software, cloud engineering and big data analytics for connected-car technologies.

In-vehicle-infotainment tesla

Tesla ratchets up fully autonomous cars; watchdog group wants tighter safety regs

On the same day Elon Musk said Tesla's new vehicles will have fully-autonomous capabilities, a consumer watchdog group called on the California Department of Motor Vehicles to prohibit cars without human driver capabilities.

tesla autopilot model s large

Tesla's fully autonomous cars: How they work and when they'll be available

Tesla has announced that all new cars it manufactures will come with the hardware to be fully autonomous, but that doesn't mean the automaker is going to enable the software for fully self-driving cars just yet.

Tesla Model

Tesla cars to have full self-driving gear, but feature disabled for now

Tesla Motors’ cars will come fitted with full self-driving hardware, as the company jousts with tech rivals like Google and car makers like Ford that are making a pitch for the the autonomous car market.

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