Pierre Perron

Global Government Industry Scientist Enterprise Business Group Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd

As an experienced government official, Mr. Perron is part of a global team of Government Industry scientists, experts and business architects to support this major business segment of Huawei. This team engages government and public safety agencies globally to assist with high level ICT design to counter evolving threats. They advise the product and solution teams to develop state-of-the art ICT solutions and assist in bridging the gap between the solution team and government industry customers to identify the best possible solutions to respond to their technology requirements. Prior to joining Huawei as a Global Government Industry Scientist in early 2017, Assistant Commissioner (Retired) Perron spent 35 years of meritorious service with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police including substantial experience in terrorism, criminal intelligence, major events security and firearms control. In 2011, he was personally selected by Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth the Second to serve as Her Majesty’s dedicated Canadian Police Officer. He is fluently bilingual in French and English. Mr. Perron has led or been part of multi-skilled teams that have contributed to many major public safety or security successes nationally and internationally; multiple major events such as numerous Royal and Papal visits and high profile Government Security conferences e.g. G20, G8, APEC, Winter Olympics and Francophone summits. In his last four years as a police officer and as the Chief Information Officer, Mr. Perron has been actively involved in the operational and technical deployments of many public safety and security projects. As technology evolves, it improves communication, collaboration, access to quality information and intelligence. Criminal organizations and terrorist groups take advantage of advanced technology to operate, plan terrorist attacks, commit financial crimes and recruit. Governments are expected to counter criminal activity by keeping pace with technology. Public safety agencies must use advanced technology as they communicate and collaborate with their partners, harness information and improve intelligence analysis. Mr. Perron started his career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and held various operational appointments including: General investigations, major crime, homicide, national security and criminal intelligence. Once commissioned to the officer ranks, he held many roles including the security of the Prime Minister of Canada, national security and counter terrorism operations, assistant criminal operations officer for international crimes including war crimes and crimes against humanity. Following his detachment to the Privy Council office where he served as a senior advisor to the national security advisor, he assumed the responsibility for the RCMP Criminal Intelligence Program. In 2010, he oversaw the Canadian Firearms Program and was responsible for the regulatory application of firearms control and the illicit movement of firearms. His last appointment in 2013 was as Chief Information Officer where he managed information, technology and radio communications for the RCMP. In addition to its role as Canada’s federal police service, the RCMP is also contracted to provide policing services to three territories, eight provinces, more than 150 municipalities, 600 Aboriginal communities and three international airports. The RCMP is unique in the world in delivering policing at national, federal, provincial and municipal levels, and its work spans six different time zones, extending into some of the world’s most remote locations. Outside of his work in Huawei, Mr. Perron is a member on the advisory board of Police Insight Magazine and an alumni member of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. He is fluently bilingual in French and English. Mr. Perron is based in Reading, United Kingdom.

Operating a City in a Big Data Environment
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Operating a City in a Big Data Environment

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