Would you be OK with LGIABCAP?

That’s ‘Let’s Get in a Big Circle and Pray,’ but we can’t guarantee a big crowd.

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It's the 1970s, and pdilot fish working in the IT department of a large hospital in the Deep South reports that a new junior fish is serious about learning all he can about the various systems in use. And he really gets a kick out of the multitude of acronyms the department personnel use to refer to them.

When the head of IT decides to have a cookout to celebrate the successful rollout of a large project, the junior fish volunteers to print fliers. His design is headlined “GNAGIABP,” an acronym of his own devising, which he spells out for everyone at the bottom of the flier.

But it’s the Bible Belt of 40 years ago, and so the next morning two ultraconservative analysts show up at the head of IT’s door, fliers in hand and sparks in their eyes. They’re not going to put up with the department issuing fliers promising a cookout where everyone will “Get Naked and Get in a Big Pile.”

“New fliers were printed up very quickly,” fish reports.

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