T-Mobile low priced unlimited wireless plan is what many users want

Every user wants unlimited wireless data services. But not every user is interested in things like Netflix or international access. Now, T-Mobile introduces a lower cost unlimited wireless data plan that will save customers money by not giving them all the bells and whistles.

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Thank you to T-Mobile for getting it. They finally understand the fact that not every customer wants every bell and whistle connected to their unlimited plan. Many don’t watch Netflix on their mobile devices. Many don’t travel internationally. And this slice of the customer pie doesn’t want to pay for those features. They want to save as much as possible.

The customer who simply wanted unlimited wireless at a low cost was never the focus of many providers. That is changing thanks to two carriers, AT&T Mobility and now T-Mobile.

This new, lower cost unlimited wireless data plan from T-Mobile understands what many users want. Many wireless companies have been working more services into their plans, so they can charge more.

While that’s great for the users who want these services, if you don’t, you are paying too much. This is like the fat that needs to be trimmed away from the steak.

Many users simply want a lower cost unlimited wireless plan

You know what I am talking about. You walk into your favorite grocery store to shop for a steak for dinner. You see one at a decent price and look for the leanest steak you can find. But what you see is every steak has loads of fat. But you think, you don’t eat fat.

What this means is after you cut away the fat, you will get less meat than you thought when you bought it. That means the price you paid, is actually higher than what it says on the label.

That’s the same problem for the slice of the wireless customer pie who wants a lower cost and doesn’t use all these extra services like international, Netflix and more.

AT&T Mobility leads with a wide variety of services at different price points

Some wireless carriers like AT&T Mobility do offer a wide variety of packages and prices. They try to offer something every slice of the pie wants. Verizon Wireless has always charged the most and Sprint just raised their prices as well.

What that means is the lowest prices offerings have come from AT&T Mobility, and now with this change, from T-Mobile as well. This is the welcome news for wireless users who want to pay less.

The wireless world is changing. Yesterday, carriers had several different fronts to focus on. They tried to acquire first time smartphone users. They tried to win customers from each other. They did this by offering a wider and wider variety of services.

While this sounded great, the problem is not every customer wants all these bells and whistles. Those that do, are fortunate. Those who would prefer to save money, had no place to go. But things are changing.

AT&T Mobility and T-Mobile are leaders in low cost unlimited wireless space

That’s when AT&T Mobility started to widen their net. They offered a wider variety of plans and prices giving every group of customers exactly what they want. If they want more services at a higher price, they’ve got it. If they want a smaller group of services at a lower price, they’ve got that too.

Now T-Mobile is doing the very same thing. This is a great idea. The next question is, how long will it be before Verizon Wireless and Sprint will join the party?

I think if Sprint follows, they will do so sooner rather than later. They are the smallest carrier and even though they have plenty of spectrum, they are not growing all that quickly compared to T-Mobile. They need to stay competitive in order to win market share.

While they are working their way through the merger approval process, it looks like T-Mobile is continuing to move full-speed-ahead. That means Sprint must as well if they want to continue to move ahead.

Will Verizon Wireless and Sprint join AT&T Mobility and T-Mobile?

Verizon Wireless is the big question mark. Will they join the crowd? They are never first when it comes to giving customers what they want at lower cost. In fact, they are always last. They keep their prices as high as possible for as long as possible. I think they won’t make a move until they feel the pinch of users going to competitors.

The wireless world is always changing. Always moving. It starts with one carrier, then spreads. The only question is how quickly this low cost move will spread. We have seen this play itself out time after time.

Today, half of the majors in the wireless industry are already offer lower cost unlimited plans. The question is, how long will it take for the other two to join in?

So, congratulations to those T-Mobile customers who want this lower cost option. You finally now have what you wanted. Everything you need without having to pay for all the extra bells and whistles you don’t use, at a lower cost.

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