Special Report: IT Salary Survey 2017 Results

4 high-growth tech fields with top pay

Want a big pay bump? These hot IT specialties are adding new roles and titles.

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Jack Sunderman has had a virtual “help wanted” sign out for nearly six months.

Sunderman, CIO and CTO at Medac, a medical billing company in North Augusta, S.C., wants to fill an open database administrator position. He’s looking for a DBA with experience in business intelligence and reporting. The position has been open since a nearby company lured away Sunderman’s previous DBA with an offer of a 20% increase in pay.

With the unemployment rate in IT hovering in low single digits according to U.S. Department of Labor figures, IT executives say they expect to continue paying a premium for tech talent. It’s a classic supply-and-demand market dynamic. Average pay for IT pros at all levels is up 3%, according to Computerworld’s 2017 IT Salary Survey findings.

However, salaries aren’t increasing at the same pace across the board. Enterprise demands for specific skills and a shortage of tech workers trained in certain technologies mean that some IT disciplines are seeing higher spikes in compensation than others.

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