Google's 'taimen' smartphone -- what (little) we know so far

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Another day, another tech rumor.

This time, we are talking about Google -- specifically the tech giant's upcoming phones. While we expected two new ones, like the company released last year, reports now indicate that a third phone could be in the works. And it already had a codename and everything. So what do we know so far?

In IT Blogwatch, we'll take the fish. 

So what is going on? Kevin Arnold introduces us to the issue:

We have started hearing...quiet rumblings about what may be in store for Google’s sequels to the Pixel phones. Nothing is really known except that Google...will continue with two models of different screen sizes. However, an interesting bit of information...indicates a third and even larger phone could come from the Mountain View company this year as well.

Well, something must be known, right? Zach Epstein shares more information:

Google is working on...three new smartphones right now. The first two are the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, which are known internally at Google as the “muskie” and “walleye”...we’ve known about the muskie and walleye for a while now...a third new said to be codenamed “taimen.”

Muskie? Walleye? Taimen? What is that all about? Erin Schroeder is in the know:

For the unfamiliar, Google has a tradition of codenaming...impending devices after...aquatic fauna, especially fish. Google's products like Nexus 5 had the codename "hammerhead," Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P had codenames like "Shamu" and "Angler," respectively.

So is the name taimen relevant at all? Kellex says it is:

As for the name “taimen,” this is yet another fish or aquatic animal...It is a...large fish in the trout/salmon family. The size is noteworthy...because one source tells us that the phone will have a bigger screen than “muskie” and “walleye.”
How big? We were told that “taimen” is a phone, specifically, so I’m not sure that we should jump to the idea of it being a tablet or hybrid notebook-like device.

Is there anything else important that we should know? Richard Gao has one more thing to share:

According to...sources..."taimen" is a separate project from "muskie" and "walleye" internally, which likely indicates that while "muskie" and "walleye" are the successors to the Pixel and Pixel XL, "taimen" is a whole new product.

So what does that mean for users? Trevor jumps on the codename bandwagon:

I'd love an actual replacement for my Shamu!

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