IBM MaaS360 delivers powerful, easy-to-use mobility management

mobile device management

Fiberlink MaaS360 won our Clear Choice test of mobile device management tools in 2011. IBM bought Fiberlink in 2013, so we wanted to see how the product has evolved over the years.

The first thing we noticed is that IBM has leveraged its large SaaS infrastructure to serve as the underpinning for MaaS360’s portal. It’s very simple to get the portal working for anyone with a moderate amount of IT administrative skills, even if you’re adding customization that can present great polish for both administrative details and the all-important user experience. Plus, the number of redundant data servers has increased mightily, allowing geopolitical zoning.

And if you know what you’re doing, you can meet a goodly number of compliance and regulatory standards. Of the many changes to Maas360 since we first reviewed it, most are targeted at regulatory and compliance checkmarks. Of course, there are no magic formulas that state: yes, you’re compliant, so it’s best to talk to your compliance officers and/or legal departments.

MaaS360 allows administrators to place detailed controls on end user mobile phones and equipment. For end users who don’t comply, we could spontaneously wipe their mobile devices.

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