Just one great idea after another!

This pilot fish's team gets word of a new company-wide mandate: Everyone is required to come up with new cost-saving measures -- no matter how small the idea is.

"One of our seasoned staff members, Fred, did not participate," says fish. "And so he was called on the carpet by our local manager because she thought it made her look bad.

"So Fred submitted an idea, complete with charts, to activate the power-saving feature on all laser printers in the building and to set it to five minutes. He had charts that showed sizable cost savings on power, printer life, etc.

"Naturally, upper management jumped on the idea and Fred got a nice plaque for his work.

"Fast forward a couple years: We had a new manager after the old one moved up, and again we were told to come up with cost-saving measures.

"Fred put in an idea to turn off the power-saving feature on all laser printers, because people were wasting valuable productivity while they waited for the printers to power up.

"He had charts showing productivity gains, as well as savings for the printers by preventing the power-up, which hurt the toner drum.

"Fred's idea was accepted -- and once again he got a plaque."

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