Chevy Bolt range blows other EVs out of the water

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Melissa Riofrio

Most people don't buy an electric vehicle for its range, but the Chevrolet Bolt is about to change all that. 

The new Chevy Bolt is blowing its electric vehicle competition out of the water with its range and price, which combined will make the Bolt a viable option for for many people. So what are its specs, and when can we get one?

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What's the deal with the Chevy Bolt? Andrew Krok has the background:

An electric vehicle needs a range somewhere north of 200 miles for it to be viable for the general public...the only cars that currently fit that bill are Teslas, and cheap they are not. But that ends today...Official word says the Bolt EV will reach 238 miles on a single charge...That didn't just meet the 200-mile requirement -- that pretty well shattered it.

About that 238-mile range, it blows away the competition. Sebastian Blanco tells us why:

The impending release of the Tesla Model 3...garnered huge headlines...for three reasons: it will cost $35, has 215 miles of range, and it's a Tesla...We just learned that the Bolt will trounce the Model 3 the Chevy's official range.
What's...impressive is that 238 miles is almost three times the range of GM's previous all-electric vehicle, the Chevy Spark EV. could...go 82 miles on a single charge of its 19-kWh battery pack. The tripling isn't a huge surprise, given the Bolt EV's 60kWh pack.

But will the Bolt compete with the Model 3 on price? According to Jonathan M. Gitlin it seems like it will:

The Chevrolet due to hit dealerships before the end of 2016...We're still not...sure how much the Bolt will cost, but Chevrolet says the MSRP will be under $37,500 before any rebates or tax incentives...Since its 60kWh battery qualifies the Bolt for the most generous federal tax credit ($7,500) should be able to pick one up for $30,000 -- slightly under the average U.S. car price of $33,000.

So what is it like to drive the Bolt? Mark Phelan takes it for a spin:

The five-passenger car is roomy...quiet and...driving it feels like driving any other good small hatchback or sedan...the brakes and drivetrain were painstakingly engineered to recapture energy for maximum range, including a button on the steering wheel that allows the driver to bring the car to a complete halt without touching the brake pedal.
The front seats are...thin and light...GM...puts the battery in a thin sandwich under the floor. That increased passenger and cargo space. It also lowered the Bolt’s center of gravity...contributing to more responsive handling than the car’s...profile suggests.

What else do we know about this car? Peter Valdes-Dapena fills in the blanks:

The Bolt is powered by a 200 horsepower electric motor which will...go from zero to 60 in under seven seconds...the Bolt's...made from lightweight materials such as aluminum, magnesium and carbon fiber.
The Bolt has a one-pedal driving mode which will extend its driving range by about 5%...When that mode is selected, lifting a foot off the accelerator pedal immediately initiates regenerative braking...That also generates a small amount of electricity that slightly recharges the battery.

So what do potential customers think? Sault has one thing to say:

Mind: blown!

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