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Manager emails this support pilot fish asking for help dealing with the extension of one of his workers who's, well, no longer one of his workers.

"He wants the departed user's extension, which is next to the manager's desk, forwarded to another user across the aisle, so the person who's still around doesn't need to run between cubicles," says fish.

"I email back a PDF containing instructions for the telephone set, including how to use the call forwarding feature.

"Manager emails me again, asking for help with this feature. He says he doesn't have any issues understanding the instructions, but he doesn't want his calls forwarded to the other user, but wants the departed user's calls forwarded.

"I email the manager a note instructing him to walk to the departed user's telephone and then follow the forwarding instructions.

"After a few minutes, manager emails me a thank you and a final question: How can he unforward a telephone? I email him to read the next section of the telephone instructions, under the title 'Canceling Call Forwarding'..."

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