Family business, redefined

Flashback to the late 1980s, when this pilot fish is working for a small vendor that sells accounting software to small businesses.

"Although our programs were text based, they had drop-down menus like Windows, which made them easy to use by folks just starting out with computer technology," says fish.

"Our salesman made a sale to a family business where the father was the owner and his daughter, in her early 20s, was the office manager. Being the lead installation tech, I arranged an initial meeting to discuss the installation and training that I would provide.

"During the meeting it was readily apparent that the office manager was due to give birth at any time, and she acknowledged that the installation would most likely be delayed.

"Flash forward several weeks: I received a call to come in and begin the training.

"I showed up at the site and was a bit surprised to see the office basically turned into a daycare, with play pens and toys all over the place. The daughter was there with her baby nearby and was ready to begin.

"About 10 minutes into the training, she picked up the baby, lifted up her shirt and began to breastfeed, all while I'm talking to her about the general ledger program.

"I asked if she would like to take a break, but she said it was fine and I could continue, which I did. Hey, when the kid's got to eat, the kid's got to eat!"

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