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IT pilot fish gets called into an update meeting with his boss and the manager of the procurement department. "There's a faxing system used by procurement on our current mainframe system with homegrown apps," fish explains. "We're going to an Oracle system, and the procurement manager wants to see how faxing is done there."

Which shouldn't be a big deal. After all, fish's boss -- the IT manager -- is in charge of the team that has evaluated and chosen Oracle and is now three months into implementation and training.

Except that fish's boss has only been showing up for meetings when his own boss is there.

So when the procurement manager asks him to log into the new system to demonstrate its faxing capabilities, he responds without hesitation: "I don't know how."

"You don't know how? You're kidding," says procurement manager. She gently edges fish's boss away from his keyboard, opens a browser and clicks on a link to the Oracle login page.

Fish's boss: "That link works now?"

A screen pops up and the procurement manager types in her credentials to log in. Boss again: "You have your own log-in?"

Sighs fish, "This from a guy who 'knows' the current system and is telling users and the implementation consultants how the new system should be installed and configured."

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