Your Favorite Shark Tanks

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Safety first

Pilot fish and his computer-room co-worker are assigned an intern to help them -- and he's certainly eager.

"On the intern's first day, my co-worker and I showed him the computer room and pointed to a large three-shelved table that held over a dozen servers and monitors that ran the plant," says fish.

"We asked him to retrieve a ladder and replace a network card on one of the servers on the top shelf."

Instead, the intern grabs a screwdriver and quickly scrambles up the table stack until he's standing on the top shelf.

Then he goes to work on the server case, trying to dislodge it by pulling it first to the left and then to the right.

And the entire stack of equipment begins rocking along with the intern.

"As my co-worker began fainting at the sight of the servers listing in their own reproduction of the Poseidon disaster, I managed to grab a ladder and convince our high-strung intern to crawl off of the table and use a ladder to service the systems on the top tier," fish says.

"Even though the table needed some repairs, none of the servers fell over or lost connection. But we decided not to include this procedure in future durability tests."

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