Your Favorite Shark Tanks

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A little TOO efficient

Support pilot fish chastises an executive assistant for the sloppy organization of files on her PC, and the user promises to clean things up. Next morning, fish gets a call: "She said I'd be really proud of her because she cleaned up her desktop and all other areas of her hard drive, saving all of her files to the My Documents folder," says fish. "However, there were many files left over on the drive that weren't hers that she was reluctant to delete in case they were mine. So she gathered them all up and placed them in a folder she named Misc. Her other reason for calling me: Now her computer won't start up at all."


Regional admin at this insurance company calls pilot fish to complain that she has lost access to the adjuster management system. "She says she was able to access the system yesterday but can't log in today," fish says. "I go through the logs and determine that her ID has been deactivated -- by her. When I ask her about it, she says that since she is an admin and not a real adjuster, she decided to deactivate her ID so that only adjusters are active in the system."

The ones they stole, right?

There's an overnight break-in at this company, and the thieves steal the servers and a box of mobile phones. "We all come into work, the network is down, and a few detectives are milling about, so we wait around for the word to go home," says a pilot fish there who decides to spend the time going over some work that's already on his hard drive. "After a few minutes, one bright spark comes over to tell me I shouldn't be using my computer," fish reports. "She said the police were investigating the theft -- and I might corrupt some evidence on the servers."

Unclear on the concept

End users don't want to show up for a testing session to kick the tires of a new release of the company's enterprise application, reports a pilot fish on the scene. Chief operating officer sends out an e-mail asking all the no-shows why they weren't there. Response from one end user: "I didn't want to come because last time I tested the software, there were too many errors!"

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